Saturday, September 14, 2013

Family Cookie Cook-Off

Piper is sick and my knee is injured so Mike and I can't really go on a date.  I wanted to think of something we could do that would be fun and easy with the boys.  My sister suggested a chopped date.  Mike and I have been planning a chopped date for awhile but haven't found a good time.  I thought it would take too much prep to do it with the boys so instead we decided to have a cookie cook-off.  We took cookie dough as the base and then let everyone choose a filling.  Here is the run-down of cookie fillings:

Eli: Jellybeans
Isaac: Brownie
Will:  Recess Peanut Butter Cup
Steven:  Nutella
Mike:  Butterfinger Bar

I was planning on doing either a S'mores or an apple pie type cookie but we didn't have any more room on the cookie pans and felt we already had plenty of cookies.  Each person made their own cookie and Mike cooked them for us.  We cut each cookie into little pieces to taste and then we tried to decide which one we liked the best.  We decided that Eli's was the winner!  Honestly, Mike and I thought Eli's cookie was going to be disgusting and we were all shocked to find that it was very good.  Who knew watermellon jellybean would make a good cookie?  His was by far the most creative and since it tasted good too, we declared his the winner.

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