Sunday, September 08, 2013

Deep Breaths. I Swear by Them

Phew, another day down.  Today Mike took all the kids to church.  He left to feed Piper some baby food and told the boys to behave themselves while he was gone.  When he got back one of my good friends, a wonderful lady I visit teach named Sue Larsen, was sitting with the boys.  Apparently, the second he left a brawl broke out between Eli and Isaac.  Eli wanted Mike's now empty seat and Isaac didn't want him sitting there.  Eli sat on Isaac and soon there was kicking, punching, threats, and somehow, Isaac's shirt got unbuttoned in the scuffle.


Your guess is as good as mine.  My kids are so awesome.

While they were gone I laid in bed with my leg stretching away.  I went to the bathroom and came back and knocked over some coke all over the floor.  Coke is what the boys refer to as "Mommy's Medicine."  It's my last resort to an awful headache.  I've had an awful headache for a few days now and finally I told Mike to get me some Coke.  Anyway, I knocked it over and I tried to reach it but lost my balance and fell forward, ending up putting weight on my foot.  I may have accidentally said a swear word.  It wasn't even in my head but I'm pretty sure that was the word that came out.

Then once the kids all got home I was going into the kitchen to get something and my foot got stuck on a string from a towel (I folded laundry and the towel was still sitting on the floor) and I fell forward again and again caught myself with my bad leg. (this time with no swear word)

Mike knew I needed to leave the house so he offered to take us for a drive to go look at all the beautiful houses on the mountain that I will only dream about living in one day.  The drive was a nice diversion and we discussed various names for my crutches.  I discovered that the boys have no imagination when it comes to naming things, which I guess isn't too much of a surprise considering our dog's name.  But I guess I didn't have any good ideas either so for now, the crutches are "Rickie."  We need some cool name referencing some mobsters seeing how my crutches came about because of breaking my knee.  And honestly, who breaks their knee?  Only people involved with mobs.  Ok, none of this matters--I got distracted.

We ended our drive and everyone piled out of the van.  I hobbled up to the door with my crutches and got up the first stair ever so slowly, though somewhat wobbly.  Then came the second stair.  I carefully situated my crutches and went to pull myself up and before I could even consider what was happening, I was toppling backwards.  Of course my first instinct was to put my foot down and I did only to let out a yell and crash to the hard garage floor, catching myself with my wrist and elbow.

Mike ran to me saying, "Oh Hon.  Are you ok?"  I just laid there, only in a small amount of pain, my real problem my bruised pride.  I laid there awhile looking up at the garage ceiling, trying not to cry and whispered, "I can't do this."  And then the next thought was, "Yes you can.  Just lay here a second first."  And then I heard an oft repeated phrase I say to Isaac come to mind, "Take a deep breath.  Tell yourself, 'It's going to be Ok'."

And it was.


Jen said...

Oh my goodness! What a day! Tommorow's bound to be better!

chelsey said...

You're a trooper! Sounds like you're attempting a bit too much too soon perhaps? Take it easy, chica!

The Duke said...

Oh, I could cry for you... Even if you do what you would consider "nothing", just healing will be something so don't rush things and don't worry about whether you seem you are not a burden. Keep telling yourself that because it's true.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would have loved to have heard you swear. It just seems so unlikely! -Jess

Mike and Adrianne said...

Yes, it is pretty unlikely for me to swear. It was a surprise to myself. I was like, "Dude, did you just swear?" It wasn't a BAD swear