Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Tyson got baptized!

Since we don't live near family we don't get to participate in special days with family very often so it was such a wonderful chance for us to celebrate our nephew's baptism. Tyson is such a sweet little boy and he had a sweet spirit about him when he got baptized.  One of the speakers had to cancel last minute (like minutes before the baptism) so Mike jumped in and gave a talk on baptism and then he was able to stand in the circle while Tyson's dad (also named Mike) confirmed Tyson.  We were very happy to get to participate in Tyson's special day.

One of my favorite pictures!

Will and Tyson are just a few months apart in age but look at how much taller Will is!  I knew he was tall--80th percentile for his age--but didn't really how tall until he was next to Tyson

Tyson Pitcher

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