Thursday, August 01, 2013

Playing in Bismark

The first day in Bismark, North Dakota, we pretty much just hung out at Mike's sister house.  Mandy's family is the perfect family for us to visit.  They have one 12 year old girl and then four boys so the boys have someone to play with all day long.  Mandy lives across the street from the elementary school, which was perfect.  The boys spent some of every day playing at the playground together.  

Jake and Eli were best buds

They also went swimming in the freezing pool.  Mandy has a small heater on her pool but it was still pretty dang cold and the boys didn't seem to care one bit.  Mandy also has a trampoline and a swing set so my boys were in heaven all week.  They just jumped from one thing to the next.  They played with water balloons, played war games, played the Wii, etc.  So much fun!

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