Friday, August 23, 2013

Jumping for joy at being alive seven years

My Isaac-boy has turned 7!  His birthday was drawn out a few days.  We had a preliminary birthday party with his cousins in Bismark.  We gave him his presents then.  He only got two because he was having a friend birthday party a few weeks later and he we payed a lot for his party.  He was a good sport and seemed to appreciate the presents we got him--especially his stuffed shark.  The day we drove home from Bismark Mike took him and his brothers to Chili's (I already wrote about all this).  Then on August 10th we had his birthday party.  I just first want to say that my boys have somehow remained very appreciative.  I just admire their ability to be happy with what they have and get.  So that said, not a lot of Isaac's friends showed up.  His birthday is at a difficult time of year with school just starting and new friends in his class and we had a hard time getting the invitations to some of the friends in the other classes. I am considering doing his next friend birthday party in January at his half birthday.

We only have friend birthday parties every three or four years so Mike and I agreed to pay more money for these parties than we would normally pay.  Isaac chose trampoline world.  It was so much fun!  The boys have talk about it frequently since then and keep asking when we will go back.  I don't have the heart to tell them that we probably won't go back since it is more expensive than I would pay just for fun.  The kids got to spend about an hour and a half down on the floor jumping in foam pits and on the trampolines.  Then we went upstairs and had cake and ice cream and opened presents.

We took tons of pictures but because everyone was bouncing, jumping, and running none of them turned out well.  But here are some:

If I had the ability to put into words how I love Isaac, I would.  But love like that can only be felt, not described, I think.  I wish every mom could have an Isaac so they could experience the joy and love I feel.  My mind often drifts to my boys when they are gone at school but right now I find my thoughts drifting towards Isaac throughout every day, multiple times a day.  I think about his little spirit and I pray for his happiness and for insight into his needs.  I ask how I can be the best mom for him.  I have such great hopes for Isaac.  He has personality traits that amaze me and that I learn so much from.  He has a deep desire to do what is right and an infectious laughter.  His name means "he who laughs" and Isaac definitely laughs a lot.  He makes friends so easily because he is a leader but also because he is kind and fair and knows how to let others be in charge too.  Isaac has a motivation unlike any of my children.  He works so hard and I love that about him.  Isaac is very sensitive and feels things very deeply, a trait that is difficult for him to understand but also one that will be so important to have his entire life as he serves others and shows compassion for those struggling.  Isaac is no stranger, already at age 7, to the difficulties of life and my heart feels heavy for him and some of the things he's had to experience but I feel so blessed to be his mother.  I love him with all my heart and I'm so grateful that I've had the privilege to be his mother these last seven years.


The Duke said...

Heartfelt and understood. Isaac is lucky to have you as his mother, too.

I would love to go jump in that stuff and twist upside down. What fun to be young again!

LanceandNance said...

How fun! Happy birthday to Isaac!