Saturday, August 03, 2013

A dairy farm and a birthday party

Mike wanted to go to a dairy farm so we called around a found a farm that sold cheese and allowed visitors.  It wasn't too far outside of Bismark so we took all the kids and played at the farm.  Mike and Mandy bought some cheese and some chocolate milk for everyone and Mike got a quick tour of the facilities and then we took the kids over to see the cows.  

Look at all those boys!  It was chilly in Bismark for a few days so the kids wore jackets for a good part of the day.

Later that evening we had a joint birthday party for Tyson, (Mandy's eight year old) and Isaac.  Tyson's birthday was on July 27th and Isaac's was on July 30th so we decided to celebrate together.  We had a good dinner of burgers and then opened presents and had cake.  

Is she not just so beautiful?!

We only got Isaac two presents because this year he gets a friend birthday party and so we are spending more money for the party and he will get a lot from his friends.  But we got him the present he most wanted--a stuffed shark.  He loves it and sleeps with it every night.  

Tyson requested a chocolate cake with blueberries so Mandy made this delicious cake for him.  

After dinner we all headed over to this fun little amusement part in town.  It was the perfect size for the boys and there was no waiting in line for rides or anything.  The boys loved every single minute.  

Eli was so happy that he was tall enough to finally be able to ride on the rides

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