Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013-2014 school year

The boys started school Aug. 1st.  I think it is so early for school to be in session.  So far they are all loving their classes.  Eli started kindergarten with Mrs. Bartges, who happened to be Isaac's kindergarten teacher as well.  I lover her.  She is so calm and relaxed and happy--just what these little guys need.  He got to be the line leader the first week.  Eli has a few friends in his class from church so I think that made the transition a little easier.  Kindergarten is half day at our charter school so it is the perfect amount, in my opinion.  

Isaac started 2nd grade with Mrs. Lee.  This is his third year at the charter school so he feels comfortable with the school and the routines and knows a lot of kids in his class from previous years.  He also has a little member girl in his class so that's nice.  Isaac has so many friends.  He is just such a good friend to have around and everyone sincerely likes him because he can be both a leader and a follower.  So far he really likes Mrs. Lee too.  She also seems really laid back.  

Will started 3rd grade with Mrs. Brizic.  She seems like the perfect mix of happy and structured--two qualities that Will needs.  I think she will be really good for him in helping him adopt routines and such.  So far he seems happy as can be to be in her class.  Will's class is full of kids from last year and also two kids from his church class and his best friend (who moved but then moved back).

I always hope they are having fun and obeying and making friends and each day I ask them who they played with at recess.  Will came home and said, "I am the luckiest person!  I have one recess with Eli and one recess with Isaac!"  So even though they all have friends at school, they look for each other and then combine their friends and all play together.  I love that Will isn't embarrassed to play with his kindergarten brother and that they genuinely enjoy playing with each other.  The only thing that is sort of sad is that because they all play with each other and each others friends, both Isaac and Will have come to me at separate occasions and told me of their worries that their friends will like the other brother better.  Mike and I told them to just wait until they started liking girls and then they would have real worries about their "friends" liking the other brother!  Thankfully we still have some time before we have to worry about that.

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