Wednesday, July 31, 2013

North and South Dakota, (driving)

We just got back from a trip to North and South Dakota.  It was a fun trip and a long drive.  

Because of Piper we usually only drive a few hours and then stop to get her out and let her nurse.  This time was no different in that aspect.  We left on July 23rd and drove to Hot Springs South Dakota.  We made a stop in Fort Collins for lunch.  Mike dropped us off at a park and then he went to find us some lunch.  The boys played while I nursed Piper.  This was our first time in Fort Collins and it is such a nice town--even the bathrooms were real bathrooms--you know, not the nasty hole in the ground bathrooms so many parks have.  It was a good beginning to our trip.  We quickly discovered that after Cheyenne, WY there really is nothing but grass and cows.  I have never been to South or North Dakota so I'm not sure what I expected but I didn't expect it to be so flat and grassy for miles and miles and miles.  It was actually a pretty boring drive as far as the views go.  But can I just say that Piper was amazing on this trip!  Our last trip was horrible with her.  She cried so much and hardly slept at all.  And then when I drove to Denver to pick Mike up from the airport over the 4th of July weekend she cried that entire trip too so I thought this trip would be much of the same but I was totally wrong.  She hardly cried at all until the last few hours on the drive home.  She slept well and was pleasant almost the entire time.  It was pretty awesome.
This girl loves to swing, just like her brothers

My happy Piper baby.  She loves the grass, by the way

Eli posing at the park
 That night we rolled into Hot Springs South Dakota, about an hour south of Rapid City.  We stopped for some dinner at a diner next to our hotel and then the boys went for a walk with Mike while I fed Piper and got her in bed.  Then we all went to sleep.  Over all, a good day for driving and being together.
full bellies and happy to be out of the car

This is the view from our hotel.  It was pretty much the only interesting landscape we saw that day after we left Fort Collins.  

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