Sunday, July 21, 2013

At least they tried

We made a list of activities to do over the summer.  One of those activities was sleeping on the trampoline.  The boys have only ever slept outside a few times--in a tent with their cousins and Uncle Adam is the only time I can remember but I'm sure they've done it at least one other time.  Maybe not.  Anyway, I was pretty sure they wouldn't last but after all their badgering I finally said ok.  They were so excited!  They went outside and got ready to sleep but within an hour Isaac came back in hauling his blanket in with him.  He said the trees were making too much noise (it's always windy here).  The other two stuck it out and soon were both sound asleep.  But then, Will came in.  He was sleepwalking and so confused.  He couldn't figure out why he wasn't in his bed and why he was outside.  I asked him if he was going back outside or upstairs to bed and he looked at me confused and said, "To my bed upstairs."  So poor Eli was left outside alone.  I debated if I should sleep on the couch by the backdoor so I could be within sights of him but eventually decided to go get him and send him upstairs too.  He woke up and looked around to find his brothers gone and realized they had left him alone and he just cried and cried.  He was so sad they had left.  I am still not sure if I should have just left him but I didn't feel comfortable with my my five year old sleeping outside on his own.  So, their first attempt at sleeping under the stars was a failed attempt.  I'm sure we will try again next summer.


Jess Clark said...

Ha ha, that is awesome. I'd have stuck it out with them had we been there. I love sleeping outside during summer nights with a breeze.

chelsey said...

Aww.. Poor Eli! Maybe he can convince his brothers to try again.