Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swimming and agents

When we bought the house it came with a hot tub.  We loved it and in the summer and fall it was awesome to just turn off the heat or just barely heat it up and let the boys go swim in it like a swimming pool.  It created hours of fun for them.  It had a small leak but nothing too big of a deal.  We always emptied the hot tub for the winter so that it wouldn't leak and create a slipping hazard.  But them my sister came and we thought it would be fun to fill it for them when they visited.  Bad idea.  It froze the pipes or something and the leak became huge.  So Mike decided to get rid of it instead of pay the crazy amount of money to fix it.  I knew that financially getting rid of it was the smart thing but it was such a great thing for the boys in the summer and we didn't do anything but swim all summer long last summer.  So Mike decided to buy a pool instead.  I was surprised when he set it up and saw that it is a bit bigger than the hot tub (but much cheaper!).  And it's cold.  I'm hoping by the end of the summer with all the hot days the water will heat up but in the meantime they don't swim for long and get out with their little knees knocking together.  I miss the hot tub.  But the boys are still having fun.  This week is the first week that has been hot enough to counteract the cold of the water.  I'm hoping the water will warm up because I think Piper might enjoy going in the pool too.   

 Isaac and Eli are my boys that play so well together.  Will plays well with anyone but his interests lie more in computer games and reading books.  The other two boys though, they just play and play.  They have such awesome imaginations and are always pretending together.  I saw them today wearing their church coats and I asked what they were doing and they said they were playing "agents."  I told them all they needed were sunglasses.  Aren't they so cute?!


LanceandNance said...

Maybe they'll grow up to be CIA agents that spy people's facebook and google accounts.

Love the swimming pics. Pools are the best!

The Duke said...

Well, there might be a job waiting for them here in Utah Valley if they want to be "secret" agents. They do look pretty awesome.
How is the fire today? Do they have it under control at all?

Nancy said...

Can we please be next door neighbors? John would be in heaven everyday if he could play with your awesome boys!

Michelle said...

Awesome that you have a pool. So fun. Your boys look so cute!