Monday, June 17, 2013


We went to Hobby Lobby and found some canvases on clearance.  I haven't ever let the boys use a canvas before, or my acrylic paint.  I only ever let them use washable paint.  But this time we wanted to do something different and I wanted them to have the real experience painting.  I made them all strip down to their whitey tighteys though.  We all worked hard on our projects and the boys were so cute.  They kept saying things like, "Eli, I could never paint that well when I was your age," or, "Wow, that turtle is amazing" or, "I really think you painted better than anyone could ever paint."  I loved that instead of them saying, "Isn't mine the best?" they were trying to flatter one another and saying, "No, really, your's is better."  

I love my boys and their kind hearts so much!  I really learn so much from them about humility and kindness. They really do love each other and are each others best friends.  

The finished projects turned out great!!

And mine was ok too.  The star doesn't want to stay on too well so I see that becoming annoying pretty quickly but all in all, a success.  I haven't done a craft in a long, long time so it was nice to get back to creating and even more fun to create alongside the boys.

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Mike said...

You are a certainly a fun mom. The boys did great jobs on their paintings and your decoration is very nice.