Saturday, May 25, 2013

School is out!

Our school year has ended and summer has officially begun.  Today we had a preschool graduation for the kids in the co-op.  I really wanted to do something for Eli because I feel like with the arrival of Piper, I have been less available to spend time with Eli and I just wanted to do something for him that would make him feel important and special.  It wasn't a big deal but I think it was just what he needed.  When I told him he was officially done with preschool and going to kindergarten, he got a huge smile.  I think he is a little nervous about starting school but also ready and excited.  I am so proud of Eli and the changes he's made this year.  He has matured in so many ways.  He is learning to control the intense emotions he feels and is so good at talking through his feelings now.  He is happy and helpful and has emerged as a leader among his friends.  I have loved being a part of his learning this year.  

The other two boys are finished with school as well.  They both thrived in school this year.  Isaac has a little bit of a hiccup half way through the year when his teacher resigned and he had to get a new teacher.  It was pretty upsetting for him because he loved his teacher.  But he soon fell in love with his new teacher as well and finished out the year happy.  Both teachers loved Isaac because he is such a hard worker and so dependable.  They both said that they always knew they could depend on Isaac to lead the class in good behavior.  He would often get frustrated with the other students when they misbehaved and try to encourage them to follow the rules (he got tired of having to write "I'm sorry for misbehaving" letters because the entire class got in trouble for not following rules).  I also learned that while Isaac did not test as high as some of the students in reading and spelling, he would ask the teacher to let him take the advanced spelling tests.  Even though he didn't test high enough to be on the advanced level, he took the advanced spelling tests because he wanted to and he would work hard enough to pass both the normal test and the advanced test--often getting 115% on his tests.  I didn't know this until the end of the year (I knew he was getting 115% and that he was on the advanced list but didn't know it was because he ASKED to be put on the list).  His teacher told me that while Isaac was not the smartest in the class he was one of the hardest workers and was always trying to do his very best.  His reading is just below benchmark (though he excels in math) and his spelling is only advanced because of his hard work.  Because of his hard work he was given the Principal Progress Award at the end of the year assembly.  This means that when he started school and took the beginning of the year tests he didn't score particularly high but because of his hard work he made huge progress throughout the year.  I think the award is not based on what you know, but how much progress you make through the year.  If there is any characteristic Isaac possesses, it is that of determination and hard work.  It was so hard for him this year when he had to spend hours doing homework and Will would come home with none almost every day.  When he got his award he said, "Well, I guess all my hard work paid off!"  I'm so proud of him.  He also got on the honor roll.
At the zoo with some of his buddies from school

With Mrs. Haslinger

getting his Principal Progress Award
Will also did a great job in school this year.  I was worried about Will because this was his third school in three years and I was sad for him that he was going to have to go to a new school again and make new friends again.  This school is quite a bit more challenging than the previous schools he has gone to and they have this system where they have to learn phonograms and underline the phonograms in their spelling words.  Will started the year not knowing any of them but the normal ABC's.  He had some catching up to do but he quickly caught up and didn't have too many problems.  Will loved his teacher Mrs. Johnson.  I'm pretty sure he loves her more than anyone in the world besides me.  He cried the last day of school when he had to say goodbye to her.  Mrs. Johnson challenged Will unlike any of his other teachers.  She knew he was smart and could learn things quickly but she made him work hard.  I've mentioned that Will has some pretty bad handwriting--Mrs. Johnson would make Will write his work sometimes three times before she would accept his work.  He was so proud of himself when he got a good plus instead of a satisfactory in handwriting on his report card.  I have also seen huge progress in Will.  He just loves to learn.  His reading just exploded this year--reading at a sixth grade level.  I hardly see him without a book in his hand.  He has just pretty much enjoyed every single part of school this year and seemed so happy to be learning.  I love Will's enthusiasm for learning--oh that all my kids will love it as much as him!!
it's a blurry picture but Will was jumping up and down because he was so excited to be on the honor roll

Will's teacher gave each kid an award in her class.  Will got the Einstein/ Energizer Bunny Award
It's been a great school year and I'm so proud of my kids--not because they are all smart and get good grades but because they all work so hard to get the grades they get.  I'm happy they all love school so much and love seeing their progress.  

That said, I'm glad the year is over and that we get to have a nice, fun, summer!

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