Monday, May 13, 2013

Hoover Dam (Monday in Vegas--part 2)

Monday we decided to check Hoover Dam out.  I don't know why I was surprised but there are a billion people all wanting to see the Dam.  I went to see the Dam with my friends when I was in college and don't remember that many people but of course I didn't have little kids to keep an eye out for either.  We had to park clear up the hill and walk down.  The boys thought it was cool but mostly they liked seeing the lizards scurrying around.  Piper wasn't sleeping well on the trip (story of her life though so not surprising) so she was tired and started screaming at the top of her lungs so we didn't stay very long before we hiked back up the hill to the van.
They all look so unhappy but the only unhappy person was Piper.  The boys were hot and not super duper interested but they weren't unhappy or complaining or anything, even though the picture shows otherwise.

After we got back to the van it was getting close to dinner so we decided to take the boys to a buffet.  We thought the boys would love it since they would get to choose whatever they wanted to eat.  It was a Monday night so we thought it would be less crowded than some other nights but when we showed up it was packed.  We waited in line for a long time before we got a table.  I was hoping that Piper would be tired enough that she would sleep in the van on the drive from the Dam to the buffet but she didn't so by the time we got to the buffet she was completely falling apart.  I almost made us get out of line and go back to the condo.  She was screaming and the boys were being a little crazy (read: normal boy behavior when waiting in line for a long time) and people were looking at us and I just felt very self-conscious.  I didn't notice anyone giving us the stink-eye though.  Most every one was just watching us.  Finally they got us back to a booth in the back of the dinning room and Mike took the boys to get some food while I tried to nurse Piper to sleep.  She just seemed to get more upset though so finally I had to take her out and walk her around and shoosh her until she finally fell asleep--an hour and many stares later.  

The boys were really well behaved though and something happened that changed everything for me.  I had just gotten Piper to sleep and set her in her stroller and sat down to finally eat something.  The boys had just gotten back from the dessert counter and began to quietly and cheerfully eat their treats when a couple at a neighboring table got Mike's attention as he walked by them.  They complimented Mike on our well-behaved boys.  I think I almost started to cry right then and there.  I was just so frustrated with Piper's screaming and was ultra sensitive to the noises coming from our table and the stares directed in our direction.  I just felt like everyone was watching us and I was imagining all the dining room occupants thinking to themselves, "Why don't they just leave already and let us eat in peace?"  I could feel my blood pressure rising and the disappointment mounting that I just wanted to have a good experience with my family and it was turning into a nightmare for me.  

But then, one tiny kind comment from some strangers made all the difference.  I felt so grateful to them.  I looked over at them from my table and they both smiled in my direction as if to say, "We understand.  You are doing just fine.  Don't worry."  It's really is amazing how kindness can change everything.  

We finished our dinner just in time for Piper to wake up again (less than 30 minutes later) and headed to a park in Henderson (where our condo was) where we met up with my roommate and her family again for FHE.  We let the kids play until it was dark and then we packed them all up in the van and headed home for bed.  

To be continued...

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