Sunday, April 07, 2013

Fun projects

I am always surprised at how busy life is.  Busy isn't bad, just makes me want to collapse at the end of the day with exhaustion.  My friend called the other day and I was in the shower or something and she left a message saying she was sure I was taking a nap.  


What are those?  Those don't really happen very often, though every morning when I wake up to get the kids ready for school I think, "Maybe today I'll find time for a nap."  But I never do.  

So what were we so busy with this week?  First and foremost, I spent the first part of the week unpacking from our trip to Vegas.  Lot's of laundry.  And next, I've been working out at the gym this week and that has been taking up a little of my time, but probably not as much as I need to actually see any good results.  We'll see.  It has made me very, very sore though.  It's a good sore though.  I love that feeling of being sore because you you know you've worked out really hard.

The school the boys attend have an Advanced Reading Challenge.  It's kind of funny really because it's a challenge for the grades starting with 3rd grade but the 1st and 2nd grade classes are required to do it--so optional for the older grades but required for the younger.  They have to read a certain amount of books and do book reports and then projects.  Will has to do two projects and Isaac was supposed to do two projects but they had a switch of teachers and got behind so now he just has to do one.  He did read two books for it though.  He wanted to do a project for the book Corduroy Bakes a Cake.  He helped me bake a cake and then after I put the fondant on it he decorated it like the cake Corduroy made only he added a few extra "details."  I think he did such a great job and was so creative in his project.  We took the cake to school and he got to share it with his class for his presentation.

 Will read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for his book.  He decided to decorate a can like Harry Potter and then inside he wrote strips of paper that tell things about Harry and the book.
Harry Potter

I don't think you can tell but Harry is wearing a robe that is blowing in the wind as he rides his broom.  You have to look close to see the broom.
 I've also been busy with some projects.  I've never made baby food before but always think I will with each baby.  Usually when it comes down to it, it just seems like a bother.  This time I decided to give it a go.  I just used dried apple slices and threw in some water and boiled it for a bit to get water back into the apples. Then I added some cinnamon and threw it in my Ninja, put it in the ice trays and froze them.  Then I just put them in a ziplock and pull one out when it's time to feed her.  She seems to like it--better than the peas and bananas she's tried.  It's definitely cheaper this way!  I think I'll do some more and freeze them but I don't know that I'll do it all the time.
 Eli has a birthday coming up.  It's his fifth birthday and therefore, his first friend party.  He's very excited and he requested a dinosaur party.  So I've been thinking of ideas and trying to prepare for that this coming weekend.  My sister-in-law sent me this link to a dinosaur tail probably three years ago and I loved it then and just never made it.  So this seemed like the perfect opportunity for it.  It was actually a very, very fast and easy project.  Eli loves it.  We are going to use it for one of our games on Saturday.

apparently Mike loves it too

This week I've got to teach preschool and finish planning Eli's party.  I'm sure it will be just as busy as this past week but I hope we can do some fun things too--play with some friends, maybe take the boys swimming at the gym?  Who knows.  But, it's supposed to snow a lot on Tuesday so I wonder if we will have a snow day in there too.


Mandi said...

I read your blog all the time, and just now realized you have my old blog address. If you want the newer one, you can find it at:

You're a great mom, Adrianne. I should be more like you.

The Duke said...

What fun projects!! I liked all of them: the cake, Harry Potter, the dinosaur, the baby food... just all of it. Your boys are lucky to have such a creative mother - and if creative means Pintrest, well you know where to look for things.
It's funny about busy times in life. I can't figure out why my life doesn't slow down. I keep saying, "This weekend I'll take some time to do...." and I never get it done because I'm so busy but I don't know that any of it makes much difference in the world.
Your business makes a difference for your boys and they great things they get to do. Unfortunately, it might not ever slow down. :)