Saturday, April 27, 2013

Father/Son's camp out

Mike took the boys on the father/son's camp out on Friday.  It was actually their first camp out.  Eli and Isaac have been sick all week and I was worried their first camp out would be a flop with the freezing weather at night and with them being sick.  Also, Will's baptism was the following day and I didn't want them all tired and cranky for the baptism.  That,and the fact that Mike hates camping (the sleeping part and being dirty) led Mike to rent a cabin.  The boys were hoping to sleep in a tent but from the reports from other fathers and boys who didn't sleep all night and were freezing, I think the cabin was a good choice.  Mike would be thrilled if every father/son outing includes a cabin he can rent.  

They spent time with the ward--running, climbing, playing with the fire, etc.  When it got cold and and the boys got hungry they hiked back to the cabin.  They played Stratego, ate Smores (roasted over the gas stove), watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and went to bed.  In the morning they went back down to where the ward was and had breakfast.  I think the boys had a good time.  They still hope next time they can camp in a tent.  


Steff said...

From the looks of that frozen lake, I'd say the cabin was a VERY wise choice! What a good dad!

Michelle said...

Good thing they had the cabin. I'm sure they loved the camp out with their Dad. So nice of Mike to do that. Great pictures.