Thursday, March 14, 2013

Will's birthday

Will turned eight this year so it was his year to have a birthday party with friends.  I was kind of nervous about what kind of party he would want because with the baby still being so little I didn't want to do something that required a lot of work.  He requested a party at Skate City.  They provided the pizza, cake, invitations, and a pair of skates that Will got to keep as part of the party package.  It was pretty crowded and loud but I think everyone had a great time.

For his actual birthday we took the boys swimming (their favorite activity) and I made Will's requested dessert.  He wanted a mint bownie for his birthday dessert.  I can't believe Will is already 8 and is getting baptized...more on that later.

Will is really into oragomi right now so we gave him some oragomi books with some oragomi paper.  Between that and the paper airplane book and paper he got from his friend, he folds paper nonstop.  

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