Monday, March 11, 2013

Ah, randomness

Since the day Piper could make noises she has been making these high pitched squeaking/squealing noises.  The boys call them her Diva Yell and it cracks us all up.  Lately though, her squealing has become more loud (and dare I say obnoxious?).  I don't think it's obnoxious (yet) but I'm just speaking for myself...and the boys...hmmm, so someone that will remain unnamed thinks it's obnoxious.  But he also thinks it's cute too.  She pretty much does this squeal anytime she is bored, happy, upset, etc.  It's her way of getting our attention.  
Our backyard is covered in sticks.  Though, I probably shouldn't call them sticks because they are more like huge branches that could stab someones eye out.  I keep thinking I should go clean them up and throw them away but Eli plays with them daily.  He spends hours outside playing with them and I hate the idea of taking away all his entertainment.  Sometimes I find it hard to know the balance between what is just harmless boy playing and what I should be more careful about.  I think I probably fall on the side of needing to be more careful (that eye stabbing thing).  But honestly, I sometimes feel like we live in a world where we are too protective and guarded of our kids and I feel we do them a disservice when we take everything away from them that could potentially hurt them.  And so, I have let the sticks litter our yard for another day.
He's created his guns sticking out of his fortress.  

 Piper has so many dresses that I am fairly certain she could wear a new one every week of her life.  She was so cute on Sunday.  I had a cute black headband on her but the elastic broke.  Her tights still look pretty silly on her.
 She is so spoiled  loved by her brothers--all of us really.
 She is almost a roller.  She has rolled over three times before but it was a fluke and she hasn't rolled over since then.  She is getting very close though.
 I wanted to keep the nursery as it was for Laila but add a few touches.  I saw this really cute nightlight on Pinterest but it was $100!  Ridiculous.  Mike and I got to work to make our own.  I bought a cheap birdhouse from WalMart and painted it pink and then Mike cut a hole out of the bottom and rigged a nightlight inside.  It's the perfect thing for those late night/early morning feedings so I don't have to turn the light on while I change her diaper or feed her.  I just wish I could hide the cord somehow.

Isaac sliced his finger last Wed. and had to get stitches.  He and Eli were disobeying and instead of cleaning their room they were fighting over a broken porcelain turtle leg.  The leg broke off of the turtle and Isaac thought he should wear the leg on his finger.  Eli thought it was cool and they wrestled each other for the broken piece.  Eli yanked it off Isaac's finger and in the process, Isaac's knuckle got cut.  All the while I was downstairs making dinner, oblivious to their naughtiness.  Isaac came running downstairs with blood all over the place.  I tried running next door to get the neighbor to stay with the kids but they weren't home so I ended up calling a friend in my ward who came to my rescue.  I tried calling Mike about five times but he never answered so I just left her with the kids and took Isaac to the ER.  He was hyperventilating and I had to remind him to breathe deeply and calm down.  He was so scared that when they took his blood pressure it was 153 over something (I don't remember...I was just surprised by the 153 so I failed to notice the other number).  Poor boy.  He calmed down and they got him cleaned up and stitched up.  Three hours later we got home with two stitches and a hungry, crying baby waiting for me.  The most annoying part to me was that he was scared and hurting so I couldn't even lecture him about being disobedient!  Ha.  Ha.  


ashley said...

I love that bird house idea! I'm very impressed that you figuerd out how to do it yourself! If you really wanted to not see the cord maybe you could paint it brown an run it along the tree branch and trunk? I don't know. But that is a cute lookin baby room.

Michelle said...

Cute bird house. Hope Eli is feeling better. Piper is cute.