Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Piper is 12 weeks now.  Today she had her well-baby check.  It was only a month late but whatever.  I guess that's proof that I have five kids now.  I'm sure I scheduled Will's two month check up for the exact day that he turned two months.  Piper had to get her shots today.  The doctor and I worked out a delayed schedule for her so I have to take her back in in another month to get the rest of her shots.  She has been pretty sad since she got her shots.  I needed to get her ultrasound done before she had her well-baby checkup--that happened two weeks ago.  Her cyst is still there but thankfully is much smaller.  At first I had gotten the misinformation that it really hadn't shrunk much at all but today the doctor said it had shrunk quite a bit.  Piper will have to have another ultrasound in a few months to check and make sure it is gone for good.  So here's the write up of all her cuteness (I guess even the fifth baby should get the obligatory post about stats):

At three months Piper....

  • weighs 10 lbs 9 oz, two ounces lighter than Laila when Laila was this same age
  • measures 23 inches long
  • has blue eyes (we thought they were going to be brown for awhile)
  • has light reddish hair (it may or may not be red when it all comes in)
  • is extremely squirmy.  She is so hard to hold because she just wants to wiggle all over!
  • smiles freely.  She is a very smiley baby
  • takes about one good nap a day and then may or may not sleep a little more later--usually not but we are working on that.  
  • sleeps very well at night because she doesn't sleep very well during the day
  • is much, much happier than she was a month ago (her good days are way more frequent than her bad ones)
  • loves to sleep in her swing--but sleeps in her crib at night
  • likes to be swaddled
  • does not like pacifiers
  • isn't certain about bath time
  • even with all her crying the first three months of her life she is probably the happiest and sweetest of all the babies we've had thus far...I guess we've had some doozies--so happy they've grown out of that!!
  • on Zantac, for acid reflux, which makes her so, so much happier!
  • gets hiccups about a dozen or more times a day
  • loves her bouncy seat
  • can't stand being put on her tummy for tummy time
  • makes these funny squeaking noises that make us all bust up laughing
  • very, very patient with her brothers
  • loves to stare at bright lights
  • enjoys going on walks even though she doesn't particularly like her stroller
  • doesn't care for being in her car seat

I guess that's about all.  We are all pretty much in love with her.  The boys can't get enough of her and I'm pretty certain that she is going to be spoiled forever.


Nancy said...

Those baby tights are too cute! What a sweet baby girl.

kresta shay said...

She is just darling, she has a really great Momma!

Jess and Jason said...

She is adorable! I so tiny!! 10 pounds at three months!! My children are just gigantic!