Monday, January 14, 2013

Six weeks

 Piper is 6 weeks now.  So much has happened in the last six weeks.  Piper keeps me on my toes.  I took her into a check-up this past week and they weighed her at 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 1/2 inches.  So, she continues to be little, still sporting her cute newborn clothes.  I put tights on her on Sunday and they looked ridiculous on her--like pants.  Really, if it weren't so cold outside I'd forgo the silly looking things.  Piper has been on reflux medicine for two weeks now and I think it's helping.  She has many more calm hours and days now than before.  Last week she had three days where she was happy and it was pretty amazing.
 Piper likes her swing better than any of her siblings did.  She likes to look up at the mobile and lights on the swing.  She also loves music and will often calm down when her brothers start singing.  She is fascinated by lights and will just stare at them.  Her feelings for bath time seem to be lukewarm so far.  She seems to like it but doesn't get overly excited yet in the water like Laila did.
 So far Piperleigh has rolled over three times.  She rolled over for my sister when I was down and out with my wisdom teeth.  I heard everyone clapping for her downstairs but didn't have the energy to come down and see her.  But then she rolled over for me last week.  She is also smiling quite often now when she is having a good day.  I am amazed at how patient she is with the boys.  They just love on her so much--touch her, grab her toes, stick their faces in hers, etc.  She just seems very interested in them and today made them all very happy with the sweet smiles she bestowed on them first thing in the morning.
 Piperleigh does not care for the pacifier very often, though we are trying to encourage her to take one.  She will take a bottle if it has breastmilk but hates formula.  So far she tolerates the car seat way more than any of the other kids did and will often go to sleep when we drive places (not a normal occurrence for my kids...they usually all just cried until I got them out of the car seat).
I think she is embarrassed by her silly florescent bow
Overall, Piper seems much happier and easier to calm than any of my kids so, for that I am grateful.  I'm not going to lie though, it has been a hard month with her.  We have seen a whole lot of this crying face.  I'd say we have had more fussy days than happy ones but I'm hopeful that things are getting better now.  Yesterday at church two of my friends were in the hall talking about how much they miss this baby stage and how much they just love it.  I felt a little awkward and wished I could have joined in and agreed with them.  But honestly, this newborn stage is a hard one for me.  I know that part of it is just my personality.  I am more anxious and high strung than some new moms.  But I also wondered what kind of babies my friends had.  I wondered if it was normal for them to have a baby that woke up at 6 AM and didn't go back to sleep until noon--fussing for the majority of that time.  Piperleigh does that often.  Sometimes she will take two 15-30 minute naps during those 6 hours.  But on her good days she will wake up and be happy, and then go to sleep for an hour and a half to two hours.

Anyway, that's Piper at six weeks in a nutshell.  Now I am off to take her from Mike (we have to take shifts) so that he can get his exercising done.  I wonder what I'll write at 12 weeks.  Hopefully the crying and fussing will just feel like a dream...


Jess and Jen said...

At least she's a cute fusser. I love all these pictures! -Jen

Saimi said...

Reflux medicine huh? My son has 5 week old twins and one of them has a witching hour every night and nothing seems to help. What is the reflux medicine for?

One thing that does seem to heip is being wrapped up in a warm blanket. But I"m curious about the reflux stuff. Does Piper have Colic? She's a cutie by the way!!

Seth and Natalie said...

She is such a doll! She has some great expressions for such a little one.I'm sure you know about babywise", but that book seriously saved my life. I have used it (the parts I like) with all of my kids and they were all great sleepers and eaters and didn't have any stomach problems despite having a dad who had the worst colic in the world as a baby. Missing sleep is probably one of the worst things in the world!

The Duke said...

She is beautiful. I think she is a combination of Isaac and Eli. I first thought she looked just like Isaac, but in the photo with Eli, I can see some of him in her, too.
I'm glad she is having a few better hours. I can just see those boys fussing over her and loving her.

politicchic6 said...

I am one who isn't terribly in love with newborns. I thought that Squirmy was difficult with the non sleeping, but Ladybug is an angel, sleeps well, only cries when she wants food, and is content to be laid down. I have just accepted that I am not a newborn person. And that is okay.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Saimi, She has all the symptoms of acid relux (like her siblings) so the doctor decided to try her on some medicine. I have been looking into trying some essential oils to see if that helps her and I've also tried something called Colic calm. The reviews for Colic Calm are very high. We have used it a few times but not consistently since she got reflux medicine. It's pretty pricey but some people swear by it. I'm sorry for your son and his wife. My first had colic and it was the worst experience ever. I don't know how I had the courage to have more kids--and four more!

Michelle, what you describe with Adele is so foreign to me. I've never had a baby like that. They've all been pretty similar to Piper. Is it any wonder that newborns are hard for me!? I was really hoping for a calm baby this time but it is what it is and regardless, I sure love her. Things always get better...I'm happy for your sake that Adele is easier than squirmy.

JC Choate said...

Adrianne- the picture above the paragraph about the pacifier looks soo much like you! What a cute baby she is! Hope your soon calm baby dreams come true :)