Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pictures and some words

**I posted some of these pictures on Facebook but wanted to post them here too so that I could have them on the blog for when I make another blog book.

Here are a few pictures from the week and a quick update (this blog is getting to be so boring--I only have time for quick updates lately)

 Eli is such a helpful brother.  All the boys are really but the other two boys have to go to school all day and Eli gets to hang out with me so he gets to spend the most time with Piper.  He wanted to help get Piper ready for the day so he asked to choose her outfit.  I gave him a tiny hint with the outfit, mostly just giving him a few options.  But he choose the bow all by himself. (thanks to Gillian for making the bow, along with a billion other bows!)
 Will has had sleeping issues this year.  He used to read for hours in his bed and then couldn't sleep so we made a rule of no reading in his bed.  Now the boys get quiet time before they go to sleep and they can draw or read or write in their journals.  They usually choose to read (just not in their beds).  Will is reading the Percy Jackson series for the third time (he just brought home a test that said he was reading on a 6th grade level.  This kid kills me).  His enthusiasm for Percy Jackson has Isaac very interested as well so he picked up the first book.  Now, the deal is, Isaac is still working on becoming a good reader.  He brought home his report card and the benchmark was 130 and he was at 148.  So he is doing really well at reading.  But I wouldn't say he is at a Percy Jackson level yet.  However, I'm not about to tell him he can't read the book.  Whatever he wants to read is good by me!  I absolutely LOVE listening to Isaac read.  He sounds everything out so carefully in a whisper and then says it out loud.  It will take him a long time to get through this book but he is excited to be reading a book that Will has read.  I walked by the baby's room this week and saw both boys reading.  I had to snap a picture. I especially love how focused Isaac's look is as he sounds out words.
 Here is a picture of Piper in the wrap.  She seems to like the wrap.  She just looks so tiny hanging out in the wrap next to Mike, which I guess she is tiny.  I just started putting her in 0-3 month clothes and most of them drown her.

 And finally, babies with bows the size of their heads crack me up.  I just giggle looking at her in this picture. The bow is so big!


The Duke said...

This is a nice post. I love seeing the boys reading together and I can see the intensity in Isaac's face. So cute.
In all these pictures, it looks like Piper is smiling - almost - not outright but just about. She is quite adorable.
I agree about bows being bigger than their heads. I makes me chuckle.

Gillian Mohlman said...

shes so beautiful! love the headbands. Even the big one! Shes gettin big!

Michelle said...

Cute pictures. I love your blog!!! Thanks for the update.