Monday, December 10, 2012

More Christmas books and activities

Our Christmas book for Saturday was The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever.  The book tells of two mice who decide separately that they want to find the biggest Christmas tree.  They both go to the tree lot and search for the biggest tree only to run into each other.  They decide that they should look together and find the biggest tree.  They enlist the help of their families and take the tree to the town square where everyone decorates the tree.  We decided that for our activity we would help the boys make homemade decorations for our Christmas tree.  This was an activity the boys loved and it was a surprisingly easy activity.

Sunday we read the book Snowmen at Christmas.  It's just a fun book about all the snowmen in town coming to life and celebrating in the town square.  We knew it was supposed to be a cold, snowy day on Sunday so we decided to couple this book with a hot chocolate bar for the activity.  We all love hot chocolate in this house so it was a fun treat.

Today, Monday, we read Bear's First Christmas.  The book is about a bear who finds other animals in the woods needing help--food, shelter, etc.  He helps the animals and then shares his cave with them.  Through helping his new friends he discovers the joy of Christmas.  This activity was actually Mike's idea and I loved it.  Mike suggested that since it was Piper's first Christmas we could have each of the boys write something in her journal about Christmas to share their feelings about Christmas with her.  

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The Duke said...

I love all your ideas. They are wonderful! You are giving the boys memories about Christmas that they will never forget.
I love the little tree at Laila's grave site. And I'm glad to see that you have a journal now for Piper. I wish I lived in your house with your family!