Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm actually quite busy

We've been pretty busy around here lately.  I'm trying to juggle a lot at one time and it's funny really because none of the things that I need to do are that big of a deal but combined they make me very stressed and busy.  Anyway, here are just a few of the things I've been up to lately:

 Eli having Monster Munch with his classmates (monster eyes--grapes, and monster mouths--orange slices, and some popcorn).  The next day we made monsters out of candy and rice krispy treats and since our snack the time before had been healthy, I had no problems sugaring them all up and sending them home!

Eli all ready to go to school

Eli's preschool:  Eli has done three weeks of preschool so far and seems to really enjoy it.  I loved when I dropped him off the other day and the kids opened the door and shouted, "Eli's here!  Yay!  Eli, hurry inside!"  He is struggling to write his numbers--the number 2 being the biggest issue for him.  Apparently, he got mad and shook his fist at one of the mom's when she had him practice his 2.  She didn't tell me this but Eli confessed later that he got mad and shook his fist at her.  He said, "I just couldn't do it!"  We've been practicing and when he does it his face just lights up and he wants to show everyone his work but if it's even the smallest bit hard, he just has such a hard time and is so stinking stubborn about it.  I've been trying hard to get a lot of my teaching done by November so I've been preparing a lot of lessons and since the preschool was my idea, I've been heading a lot of it up.  

Volunteering at school:  The boy's charter school has a twenty hour requirement for each family.  Last year I struggled to get all the hours completed because you aren't allowed to bring kids with you.  This year I've been trying to get it all done while Eli is at school.  So far, I think I'm about half way done!

Visiting Teaching:  I just got a new route and one of the women is on bedrest.  After talking to her tonight I realize that she is in need of a lot of help.  She said she really can't do anything without constant contractions.  Thankfully, this ward is amazing at compassionate service.  I would say that it's by far the best ward I've ever been in when it comes to this area.  So I'm confident that she is going to be well taken care of and that my partner and I will have a lot of help.  Mostly, I just want to do what I can and hope that we can meet her needs.

Super Saturday:  My friend (the girl on bedrest) needed someone to take her Super Saturday project over for her.  I was asked to take over and so that was a little stressful for me at first (I'm not on the committee and if being completely honest, I usually skip Super Saturday and have only a small idea of what it requires) but now that a project has been chosen and I'm just waiting to see who wants to do the project, I can take a rest until October.

Soccer:  We signed the boys up for soccer with a place called Soccer Buddies.  We considered the YMCA but when I talked to someone that works there she told me that she couldn't get the boys on the same team and they would probably all require different times for practices and games.  I just didn't know how we would fit it in our schedule so we went with Soccer Buddies instead.  While all on different teams, they all play the same time and have practice and scrimages the same day.  They are loving it and it seems to be a good fit for our family.  It lasts 12 weeks though, which is a long commitment to me.

Those are just a few things I've been busy with.

Here are a few other pictures of things that we have been up to so far this month
Eli has been practicing riding without his training wheels.  We just take the pedals off and have him practice balancing.  He's just about ready for the wheels to go back on.  Eli also goes with me to a park about two to three times a week and plays while I do laps around the park.  He's my little buddy while his brothers are at school.

Will is still into making crafts.  Here he turned himself into a robot.

Mike had a family day this past Friday and while the boys were at school we took Eli to the zoo with some other co-workers for some "team building" fun.  (we all just met at the zoo with our families).  Eli had a great time with just the two of us and loved feeding the turtles and watching them feed crickets to the lizard.

He also got to feed the birds and giraffes.  

Mike is still making cheese--every other Saturday.  He's been making Gouda lately.  Here is a Gouda with Cumin seeds in it.  It apparently has some fancy name.  You'll have to ask him...


Jess and Jen said...

You and will should watch this video about cardboard creativity: Caine's Arcade ( Then watch the follow up video: Caine's Arcade 2: ( Pretty cool stuff! -Jess

Jess and Jason said...

You are SO busy! I hope you are having fun this fall!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Jess (Crowl), I love that you say I'm busy because I KNOW you have a much busier life than I do!!

Jess, I'll have Will check out those videos tonight.