Sunday, August 26, 2012

Secret Agents

It must be so fun to be a boy!  

The boys asked if they could play spider.  Will learned this game at school--you take some string and throw it to each other until you have created a web.  I told them they could play it outside because I didn't want the mess in the house.  Will tried to explain the rules to the younger boys but they didn't quite catch on and so they changed plans and instead played secret agents.  They spent the next while doing fancy tricks to avoid touching the "lasers."    


Lokodi said...

Man, you're such a fun mom. What a great idea. My kids would love to do that. They just need you as their mother. I don't even have string like that for them to play with. Your boys are sure lucky.


Mike and Adrianne said...

This was totally their idea. All I did was say yes. So, it really had nothing to do with me!

Jason said...

There is nothing quite like being a little boy. I am truly grateful to have grown up without a TV. I had the greatest childhood any boy could possibly have. Your boys are fortunate to have parents that let them be boys. Just saying yes is as important if not more so than suggesting an activity.