Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Catch up--recovery, school, 24th of July, birthday--just a lot

Well, I am behind on blogging so I better try and get caught up.

First things first:

1.  Eli is all better.  His voice is still funny and we aren't sure if it will go back to normal.  It's so odd.  He has his post-op check-up next week and I'm supposed to keep him from doing any strenuous activities until then but so far he's climbed trees, gone on his scooter, gone to the park, gone swimming, etc.  I have been able to keep him off of the trampoline so far and I'm amazed that he obeys that rule.  Keeping a little boy from doing little boy activities is just about impossible.

2.  The boys started school last week.  When I asked them to rate their experience with school on a scale from one to ten they both told me 600 plus so I'm going to go ahead and assume that they are really having a good experience with school so far.  I love having them in the same school now and appreciate that instead of having to be at the bus stop at 7:25 each morning, we don't have to leave until 8:00.  It is interesting to see their personalities come out so much though--even dropping them off at school their different personalities come through.  Isaac jumps out of the van with backpack in hand and walks quickly and with determination into school.  Will slowly exits the van and I have to say, "Will, grab your backpack," every single morning.  The he puts his hands in his pockets and leisurely walks into school.  The one, determined, focused, and need I say a little anxious or uptight.  The other calm, relaxed, forgetful, and perhaps a little in the clouds.  I feel as though I'm always calling him back to earth.  Both so different, both such amazing little boys with such positive personality traits and a few that need refining--just like as all right?

3.  While his brothers are at school Eli and I hang out.  I wish I had my camera on hand yesterday to snap a picture of Eli in his monochromatic yellow outfit with his scooter and his alligator helmet on.  So cute.  He comes with me to the park after we drop off the boys and he generally swings or plays in the sand while I make laps around the park and then he will grab his scooter and lap me a few times--I'm slow compared to him!  He gets to watch a bit more Curious George than I ought to let him watch but honestly, I don't know how to fill all the hours up with him!  We do crafts, he runs errands with me, I try to arrange play dates, and we just hang out together.  I love having a buddy home with me.  The first day of school Eli was still recovering from his surgery and after dropping off the boys Eli went back to sleep and slept for two hours.  It was so quiet and while I did get quite a bit done without having to divide my attention between my tasks and him, it was a bit lonely and strange.  It's always so hard for me when my kids leave the house.  I feel like I have to redefine my job every time if that makes sense.

4.  Eli and I are participating in a preschool co-op this year which will start the last week in Aug.  I think it will be a very good thing for Eli.  He is still struggling in Primary each week and I think having to practice sitting and behaving for a teacher twice a week will be good for him.  Plus, he's also showing some signs of anxiety with groups of kids so hopefully being surrounded by a group of kids each week for a few hours will help him not be so worried when he goes to class.

5.  Mike is making some important decisions about his career soon and it is making me a little anxious.  I just try not to think about it until I have to.  Truthfully, I'm not particularly happy with any of the choices he is having to make but I am confident whichever path we go down will be the right one and that we will be happy and adjust.  I just wish life fell into place the way I want it to every time.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if life worked that way?

6.  Isaac had a great birthday.  He woke up with a note in the mailbox by his door and streamers in the hallway.  He had friends over to play in the morning and then opened presents before dinner.  He chose to eat at Chili's and we ate by the window and watched an awesome lightening show and rain storm while we ate.  After dinner we picked up his ice cream cake (oreo mint) and came home.  He ended the day crawling through the "spanking tunnel."  School was starting two days later so all the boys got father's blessings the next day and Mike and I decided since he was getting his back to school blessing the next day we would give him his birthday blessing on Mike's birthday--the day after Isaac's half birthday.  So, no birthday blessing until Jan.

7.  On the 24th of July we spent the day as a family and decided to take the boys on a hike since they beg to go hiking all the time.  We went to Helen Hunt Falls and then let the boys play in the water when the hike was over.  It was impossible to get them to be still for a good picture so most of our pictures are blurry but that just means they were having too much fun right?


The Duke said...

I cannot believe how big the boys look! In just a short year they have grown leaps and bounds.
I wondered what it would be like to be at home all day long after my last one went to school all day long. I longed for the quiet, uninterrupted time to get things done. But that never happened for me. I went to work and didn't get to have that experience. I'm sure it will be lonely but I'm confident you will begin some new ventures and projects that will fill your time. I'm glad you are enjoying the time alone with Eli.

Frances said...

Love the update!