Sunday, August 26, 2012


This week I have felt blessed.  It started on Monday when our car's transmission went out suddenly while Eli and I were on our way to the park to meet some friends.  We were late and I was sure everyone would be waiting for us but as soon as I got the car pulled to the side of the road my friend called to say that she was behind me and saw me pull off the road and was everything ok.  I left a message for Mike to call me (which, true to his normal cell phone behavior, he ignored...).  My friend waited for me in a parking lot, where I was able to coast to and park the car until I could figure out what to do with the van.  I called Mike again, and this time he answered and said he'd be on his way to check it out.  I was grateful it was a non-teaching day and that it was a less busy week for him.  Eli and I climbed in the car with my friend and went walking until Mike was able to meet us.  After checking out the van we decided that it had lasted us five years with minimal problems until March and now since everything seemed to be breaking we would just buy a new one.  

Our awesome neighbor offered to let us use one of her cars so we could get the boys to and from school each day until we found a new car and my friend offered to watch the boys while Mike and I went looking.  I had considered how we could make it work with one car for awhile so we could take our time looking but realized that Mike's work is 1/2 hour away and he leaves at 6:30 most mornings to get to school in time to teach his class and therefore, getting him there and the boys up and ready for school each day would create a difficulty.  We decided we would just have to find a van as soon as possible, and thankfully we were able to find one Tuesday night.  

I really feel grateful for such good neighbors and friends that are willing to lend a hand (we had other offers of cars to use until we got one from other friends as well--each one appreciated!).  I also am so grateful we were able to find a van so quickly.  Car issues really stress me out so I was glad to have eliminated that stress rather quickly.  

It has had me thinking all week about our monetary blessings.  We are not millionaires, our house is modest, the van we bought is not a new one, but we are so blessed.  Just this past week Will thought he lost his ice pack for his lunch box and he was so worried.  He said, "I just feel so bad that you will have to buy another one when you've spent so much money to buy me one."  I had to laugh and reassured him that an ice pack wasn't expensive and that we could buy another one.  It is such a simple thing but I realize that my needs and the needs of my family are always met and it's so nice not to have that stress.  I feel so grateful that we are in a circumstance in life and in our lifestyle, where we were able to buy a car without placing a huge stress on us financially.  It is such a blessing to be able to provide for the things we need when we are in an emergency. 

Other than that this week has been pretty stress free.  It's been busy, but when is it not busy?  We went to base to watch Mike play ultimate frisbee on Friday and the boys loved watching him play.  He is participating in a tournament of five games, faculty against cadets.  The first game was ultimate frisbee and then they play football, softball, bowling, and basketball.  The faculty won the first game and the next one is next month.  

In other Air Force Academy news, Mike decided we should participate in sponsoring a cadet.  They basically get assigned to you and you become their family for the year, providing a room, food, etc.  I guess most cadets are so exhausted that they just end up sleeping most of the time they stay at your house.  After some thought I agreed that we could give it a try.  Apparently we've been assigned three cadets!  I'll admit, this gives me some anxiety.  I'm hoping it's a good experience and that I can handle three college age boys in my house throughout the year. 

Finally, the boys start soccer this coming Saturday.  After the free trial they loved it and keep asking when they can go back.  It's going to last for 12 weeks but is only one hour each Saturday and they are all able to play at the same time so I won't have to worry about my entire Saturday being taken up with games.  

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Jess and Jason said...

I am glad that you got a new van. Jason is anxious to hear all about it!