Sunday, July 15, 2012

Richards Family Reunion--Sunday

 Sunday morning we all got up and got ready for church.  I felt slightly bad for the Primary Presidency because we added 12 kids that day--11 of which were boys.  As far as I know they all did really well in Primary though.  When we got home Mike prepared a cheese tasting experience for us which included the cheese he has made as well as some cheese we bought at the store.  He was so cute and made everyone read a chapter in his cheese making book that talked about the proper way to taste cheese.  No joke.  Isn't he cute?
 Here is some of the family tasting the various cheeses--Jason, Andy, Grandpa Steve, Grandma Carol.

After our bellies were full of cheese and crackers we headed to the grave where everyone saw Laila's headstone for the first time.  It was strange to have them all there because the last time they were there was at her funeral but it was also a special experience too.  It felt good to have most of the family together--we missed Ralph and his family--and at least for me reminded me that we really are all together for eternity if we strive to live as we should.  We had brought some scissors to cut the stems of the flowers and Carol lovingly used the scissors to cut the grass around her headstone as well as Nathan's--the baby next to Laila.  It was sweet to see her loving care of Laila's spot and I appreciated her thoughtfulness.
 After the cemetery and a delicious dinner of roast, rolls, potatoes, and carrots (I'm sure there was other food as well...) we had a Family Home Evening.  Steve and Carol prepared a lesson about families and how we are all connected.

That's all I can remember about Sunday but it was a nice day just to be home together doing things as a family.

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