Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Richards Family Reunion--or as we like to say, The Richards Family Renunion, part 1

I recognize I haven't blogged a whole lot lately--it's summer and we have been busy!  Too busy for blogging.

This past week we had a family reunion.  Mike invited his family to come to our house this year and I think we all had a great time.  I was really worried about the activities we had planned because the Waldo Fire Canyon in Colorado Springs was pretty devastating burning around 365 homes and the smoke and ash was pretty terrible.  One day we sat on the front porch and ash started raining down on us and we all had to go inside.  It was a super hot week and since most of the homes here in Colorado Springs don't have air conditioning, we all roasted inside because the smoke was too bad to open the windows.  But thankfully, the air cleared up and we were able to do all the activities we had planned to do outside.

We all took a lot of pictures and did a lot of things so I might have to post this in different posts.  But I'll start with Saturday.  Saturday was the first day everyone was there.  People started arriving on Tuesday.  Mike's parents came first and we spent the day getting groceries and getting ready for everyone.  From there siblings started showing up until by Friday night we were all here.  Before Saturday came those of us that were here played at the park, shot homemade rockets, got frozen yogurt, and played on the trampoline.  Saturday we woke up early and headed to a farm owned by one of Mike's senior raters.  He had prepared a day of fun so we could all learn about living on a farm (because that is one of Mike's current obsessions).

Yes, Mike is milking a real goat.  He buys goat's milk from this family and they give him a few gallons a week so he can make cheese.  

Eli and his cousins practice milking on a pretend goat.

Here is Eli riding on a barrel bull.  Will tried it and fell off onto his already hurt arm.  

Collecting eggs.  The boys thought they could make some chicks and we had to break the news to them that we didn't have room in our yard for chickens and that just taking these eggs home would not bring them success.

Collecting eggs with the cousins

Some of the kids wanted a donkey ride.  Here is Will with his makeshift sling (thanks to his Aunt Jessie, the nurse!).  He had an accident where he fell off the trampoline and hurt his arm and complained about his arm for quite a few days.  

The final part of Farm Day was watching butchering, which was disgusting, I didn't want the boys to watch but they were determined to see it.  I think Eli's face is just perfect to describe it.  They butchered a rooster and a rabbit and the kids all helped pluck the rooster.

Besides these activities they got to see the goats, touch the bunnies, bob for apples, saw the beehive and learned about how the bees worked and had a yummy lunch.  It was a good day and I think everyone had a really good time.

Later that night we had an Unbirthday party with presents provided by Grandma and Grandpa.  All the kids got to open a present and then the adults played that game where you all choose a number and then take a present and get to steal presents if you don't like the one you have.  We also celebrated Grandma's 60th birthday and each family gave her 60 of something.  Grandma and Grandpa also bought cupcakes for everyone and all the kids got to blow a candle out.  We always enjoy the unbirthday party.
All the kids got a flashlight and a Webkins.  

Grandpa Steve, Laura, Jason and Jessie show off their presents

Mike and Mandy show off their presents

The kids all blowing out their candles

Grandma with one of her 60 items presents


Lilola said...

I understand about the butchering... we had a scout master who thought the boys needed to know what it was like.
And tell me some of the 60 gifts that grandma got, I'm curious!
Thanx for sharing, glad the fire/weather cooperated!

Michelle said...

Great post. I love reading your blog. I like the pictures.

The Duke said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! If we ever have a Clark family reunion, we'll put you in charge! You have wonderful ideas. :)

Mike and Adrianne said...

Nope, I won't be in charge--sorry.

Ilona, She got 60 puzzles, 60 pieces of gum, 60 mints, and 60,000 bath beads. The beads were from us and we decided 60 were too few so we cheated. (those beads are small!)

Jess and Jason said...

We had such a great time. I am happy to see some pictures, since all of mine had to be downloaded off my camera because of the tiny memory card!

Thank you again for hosting, it was awesome.