Sunday, July 15, 2012

Richards Family Reunion--Monday

We had originally decided to go swimming but after some investigation we realized that reserving the pool for that many people would have been more expensive than we would have liked to pay so instead we just decided to find a splash pad.  We had good intentions of going to a splash pad last summer but with everything that happened with Laila we never did get to one so it was a first for us since being in Colorado.  We found one not too far away and it had a small park connected to it so the kids went from the splash pad to the park.  We got to the splash pad right after it opened so there were not a lot of people there and the kids mostly had free reign of the splash pad.

While the kids played, the adults just sat and talked...mostly about the next reunion and where we all wanted to go.

After the splash pad fun Grandpa Steve treated us all to the matinee of Brave, which we all loved except for Eli.  My boys don't get to go to the movies very often so it was a special treat for them--thanks Grandpa!  

After the movie we came home and grilled some delicious food and then I honestly can't remember what we did after dinner, though I think that was the night we all played games once the kids went to bed.  Mandy taught us a bunch of fun games we had never played before and we played for hours.  I think the best part of playing games with everyone was that it confirmed what I already thought about Mike's family and that is that they all genuinely like one another.  It was so nice to laugh and spend hours together having fun and knowing that everyone really liked spending that time together.  I really appreciate how much they all get along--I couldn't ask for a better set of in-laws.  


Kaitlin Clark said...

I am so happy that you loved having them there. I am glad the weather was nice for you guys and not to incredibly smoky. Love you and love hearing about your fun adventures wit your kids and the family. That is a cool splash pad too!

chelsey said...

This looks like a really fun reunion! Plenty of great things to do, even though there was probably smoke in the air, huh!