Monday, May 14, 2012

Princess rings

Eli sure knows how to take care of me.  The boys got these little princess rings at the dentist and of course they can't wear them...Eli said, "I know why you like princesses.  Because you are a girl and girls like princesses.  Not boys.  We hate them."  He finds the rings laying around the house and promptly brings them back to me, "Mom, you forgot your princess ring."

The other day we were at a friend's house.  Their daughter, a four year old, saw the ring.  Her eyes got huge and she said, "Oh, you have a princess ring on!  It's pretty."  I told her I had a couple and maybe we could give her one.  I asked Eli, "Do you think it would be ok if we gave her a ring?"  He wasn't so sure about that.  You could see the wheels turning in his head.  "That's my mom's ring."  The girl, seeing that Eli wasn't sold on the idea, decided to pass on taking the ring.

But, thanks to Eli, I'm the talk of the town.

Among all the four year old girls that is.


The Duke said...

So cute! Sweet, thoughtful little Eli.

Michelle said...

Cutest post ever

chelsey said...

That Eli sure thinks about his momma! What a sweetheart!


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