Thursday, May 24, 2012

Isaac's kindergarten graduation

Isaac came home from school a few weeks ago and told me that they took graduation pictures at school.  I just laughed and thought it was such a silly thing to do--take kindergarten graduation pictures.  Then the pictures came in and there was Isaac smiling up at me in his graduation gown and cap and I melted.  He was just so cute.  Isaac has a perfect smile and I just loved his cute smiling face looking up at me.  I held onto the picture package for a week, trying to decide if I should waste  spend my money on these pictures.  I went to the website and was appalled that the cheapest package was $20.  I was hesitant to tell Isaac that I just couldn't spent $20 on a picture (he wanted one to put above his bed).  When I went to return the pictures his teacher pulled me aside and told me a secret--each kid was getting a diploma with their graduation picture included.  Perfect!  Now I could have his cute smiling face looking up at me and didn't have to disappoint Isaac by not getting a picture.  

I felt the same way about his graduation.  I'm pretty sure the word "ridiculous" came out of my mouth a few times in talking to Mike about this silly graduation.  But we got Isaac all dressed up and took our camera and sure enough, I melted again.  He's just so darn cute.  It's so funny the hoopla they make over these little five year olds.  But truthfully, I'm glad they do.  

I'm so proud of my Isaac.  He has grown in so many ways this year.  I have watched his confidence soar!  I have had the chance to volunteer in his class and I've had the pleasure of watching the way he interacts with his classmates.  He is so kind, including everyone in his group of friends.  He is helpful to those on his table that need help.  He learns with ease but puts so much effort into all he does.  His handwriting was good for a boy at the beginning of the year and when he became a little lazy later in the year and when his next report card showed a "Good" instead of a "Satisfactory" he was so disappointed in himself and got right to work improving his writing.  He not only got better than a "Satisfactory" but he got an "Excellent" this last report card.  He was so proud of himself .  Isaac's school is challenging--they really expect a lot from their kids and he has risen to the challenge.  

It's also been such a joy to watch him in other areas.  I've learned a lot about Isaac this year as I've watched him get ready for school each day.  While his older brother takes some prodding to get ready, Isaac wakes up and immediately puts on his clothes, brushes his teeth, combs his hair, puts his sock and shoes on.  In the meantime, his brother is still trying to find pants to wear.  Isaac is very responsible and independent and it's a personality trait I love.  

I've also learned about Isaac's quiet nature.  He really likes me to be near him but doesn't like me to make any kind of fuss over him.  He wants me to walk him to class but wants to walk in front of me and would like me to just say goodbye,  no kisses or hugs (though, he lets me because he knows I want to).  He loves when I volunteer in the class but is happy for me just to be in the room, not hovering over him.  He likes me to pretend I'm just another volunteer and not give him special attention--which I wouldn't do anyway.

Isaac's teacher told me that watching Isaac's resilience and happy, easy going nature in class this year has been a blessing for her.  She has been impressed by his ability to keep going even with everything that has happened in our family this year.  I feel strongly that part of his happiness and ability to bounce back from everything that has happened is in a large part because of his teacher.  I put a lot of prayer into where to place him this year and felt directed to put him in this particular charter school.  I feel it was largely due to the experience he would have in this class with this teacher.  She has been gentle, kind, easy going, and happy.  The environment in her class has been one of comfort and happiness and that is exactly what Isaac needed.  

I'm so pleased that he is growing up to be the boy he is and will miss him terribly when he is in 1st grade and gone all day.  


The Duke said...

I couldn't pull up the video but I could see and read the rest. Congraulations to Isaac! He is definitely a cutie and smart to boot. I love his little cap and suit jacket.

Jason said...

You have three special young men. Never let them forget that.

Jess and Jason said...

One of my favorite pictures we have of Jason as a child was a young (3,4, or 5) graduation picture. I am glad Isaac got one!