Monday, April 16, 2012

Eli turned four!!

Classic.  Finger in the nose.  Yep, Eli likes him some boogers.

The birthday boy

He is so easy to shop for and so grateful for each present.  He only asked for a light saber.  He got that and a few other toys.  

I was grateful Eli chose a bulldozer cake.  He was eyeing a super hero cake but I'm grateful he finally chose this one.  Much easier!

Eli thinks if he covers his ears he can't hear you.  He might be the only kid I know that wants to cover his ears when you sing Happy Birthday to him.
My Eli turned four yesterday.  I can't believe he's finally four.  I mean, honestly, it seems like he's been four for a long time.  He just acts so much older than he is.  Eli has been my buddy this year and I am so thankful he has an entire year left before he has to go to school.  I just hope he doesn't get bored of me next year--I could never get bored of Eli.  He has too much personality to get bored of him.  We love our Eli, even when his temper gets him kicked out of swimming.

Quick facts about Eli:
He loves cars.
He loves to sing and has a really fantastic memory for lyrics (we have to watch what we listen to) and has a great ear--he is rarely off key.
He loves to do school work with me and enjoys writing his name and doing art projects
Eli loves to be outside
He loves swimming but is afraid of the deep end.
He likes to start out his questions by, "Is that crazy that..."
Eli acts mad when his feelings are hurt
He says funny things like, "I think I love you so much I won't even hit my head."
He has a sweet tooth and he wants to eat ALL the time
Eli loves to play with his brothers--jumping on the trampoline especially
Eli is learning his Articles of Faith and does a pretty good job with just a little prompting
He also says funny things like, "Satan just told me to punch you but I told him no.  I don't listen to Satan!"

I am so thankful Eli joined our family four years ago.  He adds a dimension to our family that is unique and wonderful.  He bring so much laughter into our home that is needed and welcomed.  His passion is a challenge sometimes for me but I know that as we teach him to understand his feelings and how to control them his passion will be an unstoppable force for good in his personal life and in our family.


chelsey said...

What a great kid! (Had to laugh at the boogie picking!). Looks like he had a great bday!

The Duke said...

Happy birthday to that cute boy! I love the cake! You even have worms in the dirt! That cake is really clever.
I love to hear those things about Eli. It really helps me know more about this cute, silly boy.

Jess and Jen said...

Oh, happy birthday Mr. Eli! I wish I could see that crazy little guy more often! -Jen

Dave and Tana said...

I want to eat that cake! Happy belated birthday Eli!

Jess and Jason said...

I love Eli too! He really does have such an amazing and strong personality. I can't wait to see him (and all of you!) this summer!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Eli! I'm glad you are my nephew. You are so great.