Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dagger to my heart

Tonight as I put the boys to bed I asked, “Who’s said their prayers and who’s ready for a kiss.” In response to my question I hear from Eli, “I’m always ready for a kiss Momma.” I say, “You are?!” and go to kiss him—a billion times all over his face—but he follows up with, “Well, I’m always ready for a kiss, except when my friends are around.”

Oh! Dagger to my heart.

His comment comes a day after I tried giving Isaac a kiss after dropping him off in his classroom. He said, “Ah, Mom. Not here.”

Twist it deeper.

And just a week ago after giving William a kiss on the forehead and telling him I love him, my kiss was accepted with a response of, “I love you too Mom. And thanks for waiting to kiss me until my friend went outside.”

Twist some more.

Not even Mike enjoys my uncontrollable desire to pinch his butt in public.

Where is the love?! There is none apparently—at least not of the physical sort (in public) that is.


Mommo said...

It happens to us all. Makenna won't even give me a kiss or hug here at home. She prefers Daddy and I am "shunned". Allyson will still hug and kiss me...I am lucky for that. Cameron has NEVER been affectionate but at 12, almost 13, he requests that I "tuck" him in bed at night. I can't leave his room until I give him a hug. I'll take it!!

Pitcher Family said...

Braden won't even let me kiss him in front of a window of the housecin case someone is peeking in our window!! Sad! But keep up the butt pinching. I'm sure he really likes it:)

Frances said...

Just keep doing it, they'll know how much you love them. You are such a sweet momma!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

At least there is a common theme between them all, they really do appreciate the affection..... if only it wasn't just on their terms.

Mike and Adrianne said...

No, it's true...they all DO appreciate the affection, just not in public. And that's ok. I just thought it was humerous that it's all happening at the same time. I've been used to Isaac's embarrassement and I've tried hard to back off a little so he won't be embarrassed. His personality is just more that way. But it's only been recently that Eli and Will have voiced concerns about my affection in public. I knew it was going to happen and I'm trying to just let them be independent and not let it hurt my feelings. And it doesn't really. It's just sad that my boys are growing up now and don't need/want that affection like they always have before. These transitions where our kids grow up so soon is hard for me!

The Duke said...

I'm sorry it is happening all at once! Ammon wipes my kisses off - every single time. Dang.

Jess and Jason said...

Every time I hold Austin's hand I wonder if it will be the last time he will let me hold it!

Greta said...

Kurtis is not a fan of PDA but that doesn't mean that I stop trying. Sammy, luckily, is my lover. He likes to kiss EVERYONE, including little girls on the playground. Not sure what's better: your situation or mine;)