Monday, February 20, 2012

Who says good things don't come from Vegas?

President's Day is a holiday that holds special feelings for me. It actually has nothing to do with Presidents though. Rather, it's an anniversary for us. Every President's Day I think about the weekend Mike and began to like one another. I've written about it before but in case you've never heard about the weekend our mutual interest began, I've decided to share it again.

My roommates and I always went to my roommate Nikki’s house in Vegas for President’s Day and I was excited to get away for a few days and just relax. When I got home from school that day I discovered two of my roommates had invited Mike to come with us. I couldn’t understand why they would invite him—basically a stranger. As the day went on I kept thinking about their invitation and had this unexplainable feeling that I ought to go to his apartment and ask him myself. I was confused because I didn’t really want him to come but I went to his apartment anyway and invited him myself. He said, “Oh, no. I wasn’t planning on going.” Then all the sudden his roommate pulled him into the back of the room and apparently said, “Remember why you started brushing your hair. Don’t let this chance pass you by.” So Mike came back in the room and said he changed his mind and he would come. I wasn’t sure what to think about it. I had invited him so I couldn’t be upset that he said yes but I felt uncertain about him coming and felt even more uncertain when I discovered that Dan, my ex-boyfriend was also coming!

The day of the trip arrived and my roommates decided that I would be the one to drive with the “outcast” car. That car consisted of Mike, Dan (my ex-boyfriend), a girl that liked Mike, and me. It was a very interesting group and I was not excited to be spending the next eight hours driving with them and felt slightly angry at my roommates for making me be in such an awkward situation.

Mike, Me, Nikki, Ruth, Pheobe
It probably was a good thing that I ended up in that car. I don’t remember too many memorable things about the drive to Vegas other than the walkie talkie conversations. My roommates had purchased walkie talkies and gave one to our car while they kept the other. They would radio over to us and ask some ridiculous question that we all had to answer. One question was really awkward, “If you could make out with anyone in the ward, who would it be?” Suzie, the girl that liked Mike didn’t give an answer, which was probably good because it would have made a very interesting car ride to say, “I’d like to make out with Mike.” I don’t think anyone but Mike answered actually. I certainly didn’t want to name anyone with my ex-boyfriend in the car and he didn’t want to name anyone either, which I’m grateful for. Mike on the other hand said he’d make out with my arch nemesis, which certainly didn’t encourage me to like him.

One question, somewhat related to the first, did actually get my attention however. The question was asked, “How many people have you kissed?” Mike answered, “13.” He had kissed more people than all of us combined. I was shocked actually, and interested. It sounds horrible to say but I thought, “13 girls have kissed him? There must be something about him that I don’t know.” I was definitely intrigued.  (I sound like such a snob.  I honestly don't know why I had the feelings towards Mike that I previously had, but I'm so glad they changed!)

Me, The Ex (Dan), Ruth, Mike, Nikki
The trip proved to be a good one and rather than dreading the eight hour drive home I now looked forward to being in the same car with Mike.  

And not long after I became the 14th (and last) girl Mike kissed.


The Duke said...

I love your story. It's so much more fun and interesting than mine. :)

Lokodi said...

14? Really? I don't know why this surprises me, but it does. Way to go Mike. :) There's a term for that kind of smoocher...

Cute story. I forgot how you two started dating.


Jess and Jen said...

Don't forget why you started brushing your hair? Holy cow. Was Mike raised in a cave? :) -Jess

Mike said...

Nope, not a cave, just a country that didn't have brushes. Oh, and it was "combing your hair" not "brushing"...I never brush my hair.

Cali said...

I've never heard this before! Truly a delight to read! I'm very happy you two are together--Mike, thank you for taking such good care of my dear friend.

Zach and Nikki said...

So fun to relive Adrianne! Much of those details I'd forgotten, however I do remember you being relegated to the "outcast" car, although I don't know how that happened. I do think we all thought you should end up with Mike. It was meant to be. You two are such a great pair!