Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sick days at our house

We've been sick.  It's the first year I haven't gotten a flu shot since...I can't remember when...and of course I got it. Flu shots are free for us so we generally get them but this year my doctor is 30 minutes away and I am rarely on base so I thought I'd risk it.  Not a good choice!  I made sure everyone else got theirs (their doctor is less than five minutes away) but they all still got sick too.  But, we are all on the mend now I think.  I've had kids home from school for the last three days though.  Isaac missed his class picture, Will missed his 100th day celebration, Eli missed a play date and a Valentine's party.  We've had kids come and get in bed with us every night all week (headaches, fevers, couching, "Eli's snoring too loud," tummy aches, etc.).  Here is what sick days at the Richard's house looks like:

1. Isaac rocks in his sleep so much his scab starts bleeding.  He has been trying to stop rocking but in his sick, sleepy state he can't help it.  He wakes up at 3 AM and comes in our room saying, "Please say I wasn't rocking!"  Poor kid.  That strange thing in front of his face is a plastic shark.  He likes to flood the bathroom sink and let "Shark-O" take a swim.
2.  The boys watch Power Rangers for a good portion of the day (they stay in their PJ's until about noon).  I have been too sick to care that their brains are rotting by watching such ridiculous things.
 3.  When not watching Power Rangers, Will tries to take over the world by playing Civilizations.  His brothers hate when he plays it because they want him to play with them, not giving his attention to the computer.  I have to put limits on Will's time or he'd play ALL DAY LONG.
 4.  Mike can't sleep because I'm coughing the entire night.  He tried to drown out my coughing by ear plugs but he makes me take NyQuil in hopes that it will make my coughing subside.  I've taken this entire bottle in the past month!  (This is our second round of the sickies.  I have been sick a good majority of the last five weeks or so)
 5.  Mike also goes and stocks up on meds for the boys.  (as mentioned above, we've been sick a lot lately. They boys had tummy issues and earaches this past month as well)
6.  Once I begin coming out of my feverish, achy, sick fog, I decide we need a break from the Power Rangers and we make some Glurch.  I was first introduced to this when I worked at Head Start.  It was always a winner with the kids.  I've made it for the boys a few times but we haven't made any for awhile.  Hours of fun.

One thing I wish happened in our house on sick days were naps.  I always make them at least sit in their beds for an hour when they stay home from school but generally find them still awake after the hour is up.  You'd think from all the waking up in the middle of the night, they'd welcome a nap.

I hope the sickies stay away from now on.  I'm ready to feel like a normal person again!  

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Jess and Jen said...

Hopefully you can all be better soon and the sickness will stay away for awhile! -Jen