Thursday, January 12, 2012

A few things

We've been under the weather at our house.  I thought we just had colds with coughs.  Then Will started complaining about a tummy ache and Eli started having diarrhea and complaining about a headache.  Then I got a rash so I thought, "Uh, oh, maybe we have strep."  I knew the cough generally doesn't come with strep though so I wasn't sure.  I took us all into the doctor (spent over three hours at the doctor yesterday) and none of us have strep thankfully.  Anyway, we've busted out our humidifiers because the weather is so darn dry that the coughing is just lingering.  I slept much better last night with the humidifier right next to me.  The previous night Eli was up all night long in the bathroom, poor kid.  One time I didn't hear him run to the bathroom but then heard this huge banging noise.  It freaked me out and I ran to the bathroom to find him with his little bum in the air and maracas at his feet.  Ingenious way to get my attention, I'd say.  Thankfully, even though we've all been sick and the boys have been home from school for two days, everyone has mostly been in good spirits.

In other news, Eli has been awesome lately.  We have been experimenting.  It's not over so I'll let you know next week if it has anything to do with his behavior or not.

Also, we decided to finish our basement.  I never thought we would do that so it's been a nice surprise.  The men doing the basement promise no longer than three weeks, which is pretty amazing to me.  We are hopefully choosing carpet this weekend and the drywall goes up today.  These guys are fast!  Mike is going to do the trimming and the tile over the bathtub and the floor in the bathroom to keep costs down.  Honestly, this project is going so smoothly that if we had the money, I would always hire someone else to do it.  We discussed refinishing the floors upstairs by ourselves and as we got more into the plans I just got so anxious thinking about the chaos.  I wish I dealt with change better.  We decided to do the basement instead and pay someone to do all the inspection stuff.  I'm excited.  I'll let Mike do the post with the before and after pictures.

And finally, I have some cavities which are getting filled today and Eli has some to get filled tomorrow.  We did some projects today to prepare him for going to the dentist (and some other winter projects also).  You can check them out here.

Hope you are all having a great week.


Jess and Jen said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see the pictures of the basement. I enjoyed parts of doing the basement in my house, but other things I would have loved to have someone else come in and do it faster (and often better...). -Jess

The Duke said...

Oh, I'm so excited you decided to do the basement. Are you going to put in a bedroom and family room and bathroom or more than one bedroom? What did you decide to do?
How fun is that?!

Tuttle Family said...

so exciting! can't wait to come and see!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Jess, your basement looks awesome. Mike would have liked to do it himself but hated working with the inspectors and I think it would have taken him forever.

Mom, we are putting in a family room, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Now you have your own room to stay in (if your knees let you down the stairs)

Jane, you are always welcome! Let's get the boys together some time. I'll call you.

JC Choate said...

Yay for more house projects! Good luck- I'm always soo nervous until EVERYTHING is done and put back, you just never know... :) Can't wait to see it.