Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is one of those posts where I just throw out random things for consideration.

1.  Our basement is coming right along.  There have been lots of requests for pictures.  Mike doesn't want to post pictures until it's completed.  It's going fast.  We have the walls up and painted, the trim and doors up in and the bathroom floor down.  Next comes the tile around the bathtub and the carpet (which should come this week).  Mike and I spent all of last Friday night and all of Saturday working on the trim and doors and then Mike did more Monday and Tuesday night.  He did a great job on it.  He also spent yesterday working on the bathroom floor.  I think it's good for us to have projects to keep our minds busy and happy.

2.  Will is a crafting machine.  He wakes up, goes to the bathroom and goes to the craft room where he starts some new craft for his brothers.  He made this adorable caterpillar.  It's really cute because he just opens up this little craft book I have and then goes around the house collecting what he needs.  In other Will news he just started reading Harry Potter, which is exciting to me that he is interested in reading books I love.  Also, he continues to amaze me.  I went into his room the other night to find him reading the scripture story readers.  He asked if he could take them on the bus to read and then came home and told me he had read all four--three in one week!  He is disappointed that there aren't more to read.

3.  Isaac is doing really well.  He loves school and is always happy when I pick him up, which is quite different than Will's kindergarten experience.  He wishes his school had buses though because he wants to ride the bus so badly.  His schooling is much harder than Will's.  He has a spelling test and phonogram test and at the start of January his spelling tests included the phonogram symbols (if he doesn't put the symbol in the correct spot he gets the word marked wrong).  He also is beginning telling time, easy fractions, and learning about money.  It's a very different experience than we had with Will who was still doing ABC's this time last year.  Isaac doesn't seem to struggle at school because he is so focused and works so hard to learn his stuff.

4.  I failed to mention that Eli started Sunbeams this year.  I was nervous because the first few weeks (in December they brought the nursery kids in for singing time) he refused to go in the Primary room saying he hated it and would rather stand in the corner with me than go in with his class.  But once January came around he didn't look back.  He makes all the teachers and leaders laugh with is funny comments like, "I've been sitting quietly with my hands folded the entire time but I'm still mad that I'm not jumping on the trampoline instead."  Tomorrow we are going on a date together, just the two of us, and he is excited for that.

5. All our birthdays are coming up in the next six months so I've dug out my cake stuff and made my first cake since Isaac's birthday.  One of my friends had a birthday so I made her a cake and this week is Mike's birthday so I'm making him a cake too.


Frances said...

Love the catch-up! Can't wait to see basement pictures, that's exciting. Lilian just started reading HP as well. I love that it's something I enjoying reading with her. I can't believe Isaac's school work. That is first grade stuff here. He's going to be a super genius!

The Duke said...

That cake is awesome!!

Tana said...

Love the cake and the updates on your little studs!

Jess and Jason said...

Your cake is beautiful!

I am so impressed with Isaac's school! I don't think I know how to do those kind of spelling tests!

I keep trying to get my kids to want to read Harry Potter...I guess I will just have to discuss it with my nephew!