Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday Boy

A few months ago I woke up sobbing (which wasn't uncommon a few months ago).  Mike lay next to me and wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "Of all my hobbies, my favorite it making you happy."  It was a personal, tender moment and I write it because I've been thinking about the things I want to be known for.  I think I've narrowed it down to three things.  The first is my faith. I hope my faith gets me through this mortal life and all it's heartache.  The second is my boys.  I hope when they are grown people look at them and say, "She raised some spectacular boys." The third is my marriage.  I have a really, really happy marriage.  I hope when people see my interactions with Mike they feel inspired to have an even happier relationship with their own spouse.  I don't by any means believe that my marriage to Mike is superior to anyone else's.  I just know that for me, it exceeds my expectations and I hope everyone could be as happy as I am.  I hope my boys seek for someone who makes them their favorite hobby.  My marriage is good mainly because of Mike.  He has changed me, made me better, smoothed my rough edges, encouraged me to continue on.  I loved Mike six months ago but my love for him has increased exponentially as I watch his strength, is devotion, and his love for me and the boys and our sweet Laila.  His pain is quieter than my own but it is there, quietly weighing him down and if I could, I'd take his pain and my own so he could pass this unscathed.  But of course that's not possible and just as the pain is essential for my growth and eventual happiness, it is for him too.  And so, I just try and make him happy in whatever way I can.   

Why all the cheese?  Because today I get to celebrate my Mike.  It's his birthday!  Mike isn't the celebrating type (which is why I'm good for him...I make him celebrate) so it will be a mostly quiet day.  He's hoping to get through work without anyone discovering it's his birthday so he won't have to deal with the inevitable teasing from his co-workers.  The boys and I are planning to decorate, make a cake, wrap some presents, and make him a favorite meal.  

Happy birthday Mike.  I love you.

Look for pictures of his cake tomorrow--it's a silly cake that the boys requested for him.


Frances said...

Really, really sweet Adrianne. That was so nice to read.

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!!!! You are a beautiful family and we love you!!!

The Duke said...

You are, indeed, a lucky woman to have Mike in your life. We are a lucky family to have him in our lives as well.
I hope he has a spectacular day because I know you and the boys will do everything in your power to make sure it will be spectacular.

chelsey said...

Whoa. The tears on this one. You and Mike are indeed a great match! You're both lucky to have each other.

I hope he has a great day and loves the angry birds cake!

Jess and Jason said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!

I remember one year in January while we lived in Colorado when mom and dad were in the family room wrapping presents and we were all trying to peek and see what your presents would be. I hope you had a peek-worthy birthday!

Pitcher Family said...

Brought to tears again by your sweet post! You and Mike do inspire me to do better in my marriage. Thank you and Happy bday Mike!! Love you both!

politicchic6 said...

This is very sweet. I feel similarly about my husband. Every time I talk about him to other people I feel like I go from zero to gushing in .06 seconds. I can't help it. Good guys need praise every now and again.