Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Some decorations for Laila

Every time I go to post something Mike tells me I ought not post it. So, I guess right now my thoughts and feelings are not appropriate to share with the majority of the world. Instead, I'll leave out the things I want to say and instead post mainly pictures.

We decided to decorate a tree for Laila. We bought a small tree and the boys made some fun ornaments and then we took the tree to her grave on Sunday. We have heard that things can sometimes get stolen from the cemetery (though we haven't had a problem yet) so we also decorated the Lilac bush in our front yard that we planted for her--just in case her little tree gets stolen.

I also decided to make some pretty little stars to decorate her crib. It helps me feel like she is still a part of our Christmas.

Here little stars
The little tree the boys helped decorate

This one is out of order but it's from November--the boys each chose a Thanksgiving decoration for her
Working hard on painting their ornaments for her tree
Making their snowflake ornaments for her tree


chelsey said...

Love all these pictures! And I love how involved the boys are in the decorating. The stars are darling too.

Keep your head up sis! Love you.

(and btw, love the red coat..)

Frances said...

That's really beautiful. I like that the boys like to craft so much...my kind of kids.

Love the red coat too!

The Duke said...

I love the decorations and the little tree you took over to the cemetary. I also love the cute little stars on the crib. They really are cute. I don't think I would take them down.
Hope you are having a good day today.

Gillian Mohlman said...

you look really pretty in the picture by her grave. I love your hair like that. I like that you decorated her grave and included the boys in it. You are so awesome! Such a fun mom

Mommo said...

This is just the kind of thing I would expect from you Adrianne. Beautiful love going out to your sweet Laila. I love love love the stars on her crib. I think it is a sweet reminder to look up toward heaven to see her. I am sure she is missing you too....and looks forward to being together as a family.

Okay....Isaac sitting on the table making his ornament, with his one leg up like that.... I love it. I sure do miss those cute and crazy boys. Visiting teaching is just not the same without Diamond in my face and the boys climbing across my back on the couch or showing me all the cool karate stuff they can do and most importantly..visiting with you.
Continue to be strong. Lean on the Lord. He knows your suffering and He will comfort you. Love you Adrianne!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

I love the stars on the crib. How beautiful.

Jess and Jason said...

I love her Christmas decorations and am sure that she does also.