Friday, December 16, 2011

A cow and a repeated mistake I don't want you to make

Today has been busy, and good. We went to Will's school party today. The theme was The Polar Express and can we say OVER THE TOP? I mean really, over the top party. It was fun and we only lasted there for about two hours. The party started at 8 this morning and is continuing on the entire day. After the two little boys had enough we went and bought some greasy chicken from WalMart (Mike loves greasy chicken--it makes me sick) and met Mike at his work. It's a pretty quiet day today at his work so it was nice to take the two boys and see where Mike teaches and spends all his time every day. Now we are home, and I have loads of laundry to do. It actually worked out well that we were planning on meeting Mike at his work for lunch because he called to say the day for butchering the cow had arrived and he needed a change of clothes. What's this? Butchering a cow? Let me explain. Mike works with a bunch of all natural guys. One family is super against any additives, sugars, etc. Another is all about living off the land. Actually, most of his co-workers seem to be farm loving people. This one guy at work called Mike and told him his neighbor's cow had gotten out and was destroying things and running down the road in traffic so they needed to catch him, kill him, and butcher him. Mike was giddy. He changed and rushed to the guy's house. The cow got shot twice and still didn't die and then the other cows all stood around sheltering him so they couldn't kill the poor thing. They decided to let him die on his own but now the owner feels bad to see him in pain so they are finishing the job today. I have no idea how long this kind of thing takes so I don't know when Mike will be home tonight.

Oh, but the other thing I have to write about isn't nearly as interesting but I have some advice to pass on.

Today marked the 15th time some random person had asked me if I was pregnant when I wasn't. I'm not sure when or why I started keeping track. But, 15 times is pretty unbelievable. First of all, I just had a baby less than eight months ago. Second, I just lost a baby less than five months ago. Somehow I just don't think having another baby is on my agenda right now.

I'm not pregnant. I do look pregnant, though not obviously pregnant. That fact alone is what makes me scrunch up my forehead in confusion. I can understand making the mistake of asking someone who looked like they were hugely pregnant, but I do not look hugely pregnant. After I had Isaac, the questions began (11 of them happened by the time Eli was a year and three have happened since Laila passed away). I have this issue. When I lose weight it gets smaller but it will not go away unless I get a tummy tuck (I have heard that some women have this problem when they are pregnant and it will eventually heal itself afterwards. That hasn't been the case for me). When I am absolutely, completely confident we are not having more children, I will in fact get a tummy tuck--you would too if you had 15 people ask you if you were pregnant when you weren't.

All 15 people are socially adjusted and intelligent people so obviously those factors alone are not enough for someone to know that you just shouldn't ask someone if they are pregnant. I'm passing this information on to you so that you won't make the same mistake and ask someone else if they are pregnant.

When your curiosity is trying to get the better of you, just think of this post and tell yourself, "If she wants me to know, she'll tell me." Then walk the other way and hang tight until she's ready to tell you. If she doesn't, then it's a safe bet she isn't pregnant (and breathe that sigh of relief that you DIDN'T give in to your curiosity) or she doesn't want you to know.


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

I am glad you did not have to spend the whole day at school. That party did sound over the top! I am also glad Mike is getting the experience of butchering without having to do it in your garage. I am sorry about the comments. Crazy.

chelsey said...

Oh heavens! On all accounts...ridiculously long school parties, butchering a cow, and rude people.

You're one tough nut! Brent will be dying to find out how it went with the cow! I may step out of that conversation or I'll never be able to eat beef again.

Gillian Mohlman said...

k seriously, people are so rude. I too have been asked if I was pregnant before I actually got pregnant and it used to bug me so much- I always said "nope, just fat." and hope that satisfied their question. I dont get why people think its ok to ask? so dumb. sorry.

but glad you are coming out in like 4 days! wahooooo! we are going to party!

Jason said...

Butchering is messy. Especially a large animal. I hope Mike had fun.

Jess and Jason said...

There is a wonderful woman that I work with. When I first met her I thought she was pregnant, but thankfully I kept my mouth shut. Six years later she still looks pregnant and I am so glad that I didn't ever say anything.

I am frustrated with the people that you have encountered who were stupid enough to say anything to you. I kind of wish you were a really nasty person who would respond with something equally inappropriate..."No, I am not pregnant...has your nose always been that big?" "No, not expecting, has anyone ever told you that you should invest in mints?" "No, no baby here...have you ever considered plastic surgery, I mean seriously, you are one ugly..."

Lisa said...

Heidi's class had a Polar Express party that lasted all day, too! Must be a first grade must-do.

That's really a bummer about all the pregnancy comments. I do try to be cautious about asking people, but now I will think of you and definitely keep quiet.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear that people just can't keep their comments to themselves. I too have been asked when I wasn't so I have a small feeling of what it is like to be asked that. It's plain annnoying. About the cow, too funny, I do want to hear details, well some, nothing too gross.

Frances said...

I NEVER ask anyone if they are pregnant! I've been asked once when I wasn't and it was miserable. I have also witnessed two conversations where a person was asked in front of me and I was dying inside for them. DON'T DO IT! I'm so sorry Adrianne.

And the cow, how crazy!!