Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In memory of Laila

Dear friends and family,

As most of you know, our sweet daughter passed away three months ago.
While her time on earth was short, she continues to influence our
family daily. In thinking of a way to keep her in the foremost of our
lives we have determined to do a family service project each month.
As we do various acts of service individually, as well as service as a
family, we write the service on a slip of paper and put it in our
service jar. On Laila’s birthday we will take our jar of service and
place the slips of paper inside balloons where we will then send the
balloons to heaven.

We decided the last service project we would do before her birthday
was to donate items to the Children’s Hospital that worked on Laila
the day she passed away. In thinking about this, we wondered if
others would like to participate in this particular service project.

Our plan is to donate various items the hospital needs. As people
have shown interest in participating we realized we needed to have a
few options available to people. The following are options available
to you if you would like to participate in some way:

There will be five drop off places (two in Utah, one in Ohio, one in Oklahoma, and one in Colorado Springs). You may take items to any one of these places until April, at which point all the items collected will be taken to a children's hospital in that area. If you live in one of these areas and want to donate, leave a comment with your email (if you haven't received an email) and I will send you the address to the drop-off point near you. ***For those of you in Colorado Springs, you can either bring them to my house or I can come and get them from you.***

The other option (if you don't live near one of these places or if you just prefer an easier solution) is to donate money which will go towards buying an item from the hospital wish list. If you are interested in this option instead, again, leave a comment with your email and I will let you know where to send/transfer the money.

We truly appreciate all the love and support we have been given the last three months. It has helped us remember that Heavenly Father has not forgotten our family. We are so thankful for eternal families.


The Richards Family


Amber said...

We want to help. My email address is amberrentschler@gmail.com. Cant wait.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

I would love to help.. I am in Utah

Frances said...

This is a great idea Adrianne. Thanks for including us!

Taylor and Jeffrey:) said...

This is a wonderful idea!


sign us up:)

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I was reading the 13 pavements blog, who is a friend of a friend, when I came across yours. I am so sorry for everything you are going through. Laila is beautiful. Just know that someone who doesn't know you is thinking about & praying for you & your family at this time.