Thursday, September 29, 2011


I haven't done a post on my boys for awhile so I thought I'd update on what they are doing.

Will is great. Still nice, helpful, thoughtful Will. He is just such a cheerful boy and I just love him.

Sometimes I worry we are too hard on him and expect too much of him. Recently he said, "I'm the rude one." Oh, that made me so sad. I realized he thought he was the rude one because we harp on him all the time, "Will, that is so rude. Don't do that." Not one of my better parenting moments. I don't want my kid to give himself a label of rude because we call him rude...He's no more rude than the normal six year old and I think we need to find a better way to teach him how to be polite than calling him rude all the time. I had to teach a lesson last week about parenting and it was a good lesson for me, let me tell you. Will's "I'm the rude one" comment kept ringing through my head the entire week.

He had a field day last week and we were able to go watch him and cheer him on. We also got to eat lunch with him so that was fun. I think he had such a great time and it was nice to be able to support him. His teacher raved about him and it was really nice to hear such good things about him. She said his class is really difficult this year but he doesn't seem to get distracted by the crazy behavior of some of the other students and if he gets done with his work early he just finds something else to busy himself with. She said some other nice things and of course, I loved hearing it. Who ever gets tired of hearing good things about your kid?

Will is having a hard time at night. He is getting scared a lot and having nightmares. It was bad for awhile. But now it is looking up a little and he is mostly just scared at night. Sometimes he'll knock on our door at night and then come climb in bed with us and snuggle up until he isn't afraid anymore.

He used to tell complete strangers, "I hope your baby doesn't die. My baby sister just died." He still does that but not as frequently as he used to. I don't stop him because it's his way of grieving and if he needs to talk about it, I'm not going to tell him he shouldn't--even if it is a bit awkward.

He worked for over a month to earn the chance to go to the science club at school. It starts next week and he is so excited. He is also excited to go to the zoo next week for his field trip and even more excited that I get to go, as well as his brothers (Isaac doesn't have school that day).

Well, there's an update on Will. I'll post one of the other two boys later.


Frances said...

Way to go Will!!

Papa Doc said...

It is alright to tell a kid that what he or she did is rude. That is far different that saying YOU are rude. It is a small difference, but very significant.

These are great pictures. Keep it up.

Dad Clark

chelsey said...

Love the field day activities!

The Duke said...

He looks so old in these pictures! Did he grow up in the past month?! It looks like he had a great time on his field trip.

Jed and Kera said...

We miss you Will! You are a great boy!