Monday, July 04, 2011

An update on Laila

On our trip home from Utah Laila really struggled. She had a hard week, being thrown off her normal schedule, as much schedule as a two month old has. She started displaying the same symptoms all her brothers had and they got worse as the week went on. The drive home from Utah went well other than the fact that she cried about eight and a half of the ten hours it took us to get home. She was a sad, sad baby. She doesn't have a doctor yet here in Colorado so we were able to get permission to take her to an urgent care the following day and the doctor agreed to give her medicine for reflux. Since then she is doing much better. She is very much like her brothers, though easier in a lot of ways. Perhaps the best thing is that I don't feel depressed this time around so I can handle her much better than I did her brothers. Since she still doesn't have a doctor (hopefully this week) she hasn't had her well baby check up yet but they did weigh her with her diaper and clothes on and weighed 10 lbs 14 oz. She mainly just seems super long to me. Anyway, she is two months now and has some distinct likes and dislikes. Here they are:

1. She used to take a bottle but is now fighting me on that.
2. She hates her swing and hates her bouncy seat.
3. She hates her car seat.
4. She refuses to sleep in the car (refer to number 3).
5. She wants to be held any time she is awake.
6. Her reflux makes her fussy, spit up a lot, grunt a lot, have hic ups a lot, etc.
7. If we mess with her morning nap (or any nap for that matter) she will be fussy the rest of the day and stay awake the rest of the day
8. She often stays awake up to six hours at a time (refer to number 7)
9. She won't take a pacifier
10. She is not sure she likes her bath or not--she hates being cold so dislikes getting undressed and getting out of the water.
11. She does not sleep well on her back.
12. She's very jumpy about noises
13. She is unsure about her brothers (it could be the way they love on her though....)

She does have things that she likes (or at least that I like about her or find interesting). They are:
1. She is ticklish.
2. She is cooing quite often now
3. She smiles at me and Mike a lot and sometimes for her brothers
4. She is growing more hair already and hasn't lost a lot if any as far as I can tell
5. She loves to be held looking out or laying across your arm.
6. She likes to be wrapped up to sleep.
7. She sleeps very well on her stomach.
8. She has a super strong neck.
9. She takes a fantastic nap (if left alone) in the morning--generally about three hours.
10. She usually sleeps a good solid six hours at night (probably because she stays awake for six hours during the day!).
11. She is very long and skinny
12. She is almost rolling over.
13. She is very much a momma's girl.

Laila isn't what I would call an easy baby but thankfully, she is easier than her brothers and I'm very thankful this reflux medicine is working for her. I'm also really thankful I don't have post-partum depression this time around because it has made everything easier for me. The boys continue to love her and fight over who gets to hold her and sit by her in the car. They are always looking for ways to make her happy. We are really happy to have this little girl in our home!


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

what a sweet, strong girl! I am sorry you have to deal with reflux again.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Sorry she has reflux :( I went through that with all my kids also, and it is not fun. MY kids fight over our youngest too. She is 2 now, and they still fight over who gets to play with her, sit next to her, etc. My favorite line right now is.... She is a human not a toy :) Good luck finding a good doctor

Alyssa said...

she is one funny girl wanting to sleep on her stomach! :D

Ange said...

Oh wow. I hope the reflux medicine continues to work and helps with some of Laila's "dislikes". :) I don't think Caleb has been up for six hours at a time yet, and he's eight months old. Sounds like you're handling everything so well . . . you're inspiring! A new baby (your fourth!), a move, a family trip with a two month old. Good job! :)