Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm so good with a drill

I hung curtain rods yesterday for the first time. I'm super awesome with a drill. Actually, I'm pretty retarded with a drill and kept making dings in the wall but because our walls are all textured anyway, those dings look like they belong there.

This is our kitchen and family room. We also painted these walls the same color as the living room/dining room. The eating area in the kitchen had this weird, ugly bubble white light thingy that we hated so we changed that out for this nice light fixture. We also swapped out the light fixture over the sink for a nicer one. We also had to replace the garbage disposal in the sink.

What we'd still like to do in these rooms is build the pantry (I talked about that in the last post), put in some pendant lights in the kitchen over the island in place of the fluorescent light, and hang some pictures on the wall. I'd love to have a little area for the boys to hang their jackets and put their book bags but that will have to come later once the pantry is done and I have a better idea of what kind of room we'll have in the entry from the garage. Eventually, we'd love to replace the carpet and linoleum as well as change the faucet in the kitchen and get new counters. We can handle the faucet but we'll have to do some saving before we can afford to do the carpets and counters.

I hope you are all enjoying the tour of our home and all the commentary. Like I said in the last post, the other rooms are going to take longer to finish so I probably won't have pictures of them to post for awhile.

Oh...I will finish painting the crib tonight! That puts me one step closer to finishing Laila's room. I'm so excited about her room and just hope I can actually make it look the way it looks in my head. I want it to be super feminine but not cheesy. So far, I smile every time I walk by her room and see the color.


The Duke said...

Holy cow, girl! You have gone to town! You have made soooo much progress in just a 5 days.
It all looks so nice. I noticed in the previous blog that you got some pictures hung in the living room, too. They look nice where you put them.
I'm super impressed!

JC Choate said...

It sounds like you guys are having so much fun now! It looks suuper nice. You are AMAZING! Let us know when you're ready for road-trippers :)

Mike and Adrianne said...

Calista, we are ready to have you guys visit anytime!! Really, we would LOVE it.

Dave and Tana said...

I don't know how you find the time to do it all with three little boys and a new baby, but it looks great!!!

Michelle said...
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Jess and Jason said...

Jason looked at these pictures with me and said, "hey that looks like our house.." and I said, yeah it is our house! Looking good!