Friday, May 27, 2011

Has anyone seen where I put (insert any household item here)? I can't seem to find it in all this junk.

What you are about to see might look like it came straight from a Hoarders show.

Instead, it's just my house. And it makes my blood pressure rise.

I'm hoping to find homes for every thing in these pictures within a week, but I'm afraid that is wishful thinking. Once there is a spot for everything, I then need to actually organize that spot.

This week has been such a long week. We have literally been working our tail ends off and yet each night we go to bed and it seems like we've barely made a dent in all the things we have to do. We have spent the last two and a half days painting the downstairs. You might wonder why we are painting and not putting all that crap away you see in the pictures. Most of the stuff you see in those pictures are items that need to go in a pantry or a bookshelf or hung on a wall and it is much easier to move a bookshelf away from a wall when it is empty.

You might also wonder why it's taken two and a half days to paint.

Remember this little girl? She's not quite four weeks old. While she is easier than her brothers ever were, she is still not a perfect little angel baby (do they exist?) and she is getting to be a tad fussy. Just when I get going on painting or finding a spot for something that needs to be put away, she wakes up and needs to eat, or decides that she has to be held--right that minute.

(as a side note, she isn't a terrible sleeper but she seems to be bugged lately by something...gas, reflux, something I'm eating?....and just a few minutes after I lay her down she wakes up and gives this painful cry and I have to get her to sleep again. Last night I spent about two hours trying to get her to sleep for every two hours I slept myself).

Not only am I dealing with a newborn, but there are three other munchkins (who have been really, really fantastic overall) that need a snack or need a drink or need help finding clothes or need the sprinkler turned on so they can play in it, or, need to show me the cool trick they learned on their bike (Isaac learned to ride his bike all by himself in just a matter of days!!).

Plus, there are all the normal things that need to be done like washing the dishes, and doing the laundry, and making meals, and showering (which, I'm lucky to get most days but the boys on the other hand...lets just say they will get their first bath while being in this house tomorrow. Playing around in a broken hot tub is like a bath, isn't it?).

And Mike, bless his heart, has been helping me paint as well as installing lights and fixing the hot tub for the boys, and setting up all our services, and going into work for a few hours here and there. He starts officially on Monday and I'm super nervous about him leaving me. I'm not worried about handling four kids on my own--I'm nervous about handling four kids on my own in a new town, with a house that is in complete disarray, and so much still to do, with very little sleep--oh, and we currently only have one car.

I hope I can pull it all together, take a deep breath (which is hard to do here in Colorado Springs) and get through the next few months without losing my sanity.


LanceandNance said...

You can do it Adrianne! We'll be praying for you. I can't believe your cute little girl is already four weeks! What a cutie.

Pitcher Family said...

Just slow down and don't worry about getting it all put away yet. Rest when you can, the stuff isn't going to go anywhere if you don't attack it now! I think you guys are doing great! You can't expect it all to be done in a week, or even a month if you ask me! I just hope you never have to say, "Has anyone seen where I put the baby???"

Mommo said...

O Adrianne! I just love you. Even in all your chaos you still have a sense of humor. It will come. Slowly but surely.....You can always pack it up again in boxes and put it somewhere out of the way. Take out 1 box when you can and work on it, then you won't feel so cluttered.

Emily said...

I wish I was close to help you out. Good luck! You're amazing!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh how I wish we lived closer to you to help. Unpacking to me is way worse than packing. I always felt so unorganized for the first couple months of being in a new place. I love your joking in the middle of all your chaos. I'm glad you have Mike to help you. I hope your beautiful baby sleeps better soon. Best of luck to you, we will all include you all in our family prayers.

Dave and Tana said...

Moving is no fun! I am the same way when it all happens and the disarray throws me out of wack...its a weird feeling. Luckily it doesn't last forever and the feeling when it is all said and done is great! Good luck to you guys. Wish we could help..

Mandi said...

You have all my spare sympathy. Change is hard, no two ways about it. But hopefully, it'll come right faster than you think it will.