Sunday, May 22, 2011

Colorado Springs

We are here now. We got to our house last night around 6 and bought sleeping bags and a blow-up mattress so we could sleep in our empty house. I have felt so tired from everything this past year (the miscarriage, the morning sickness, the gestational diabetes, the birth of Laila, and now the move) that I feel like I haven't had a lot of time to process all the emotions of everything. I feel like I've been in survival mode and haven't really allowed myself to feel a lot.

Last night the boys were nuts, super excited about being out of the car and in our new house with so many fun places for them to explore. For some reason they were intrigued with the water meter and had to flush every toilet and turn on every faucet in the entire house multiple times so they could run to the basement and watch the water meter spin. Then they started playing some game that involved a lot of door slamming. And then they thought it would be a great idea to wake up their baby sister that I had just gotten to sleep (have I mentioned they are obsessed with her?). I spent the next two hours trying to get her back to sleep so I could get some things unpacked. I finally lost it and hid in one of the dark, empty rooms upstairs lamenting my situation.

I really hate moving. I hate leaving my friends and my house and my neighborhood.

Anyway, today we went for a walk around the neighborhood to scope things out. We discovered a few interesting things:

1. There are a lot of motorcycles here.
2. There are a lot of dogs here--like a dog for every person in my previous neighborhood. Just kidding. But really, why are there so many dogs here?
3. There are a lot of people/cars/houses/businesses here. It makes me a little claustrophobic. It reminds me of Salt Lake. I have nothing against Salt Lake, I just don't want to live there. It's too big a city for me. I'm not exactly a country girl but I'm really not a city girl. It's going to take a little getting used to.
4. There is a lot of sun here. On our walk today we felt like our retinas were burning. I'm not complaining about the sun (I've missed it) but I'm gonna need to buy some sunglasses first thing tomorrow morning.
5. There is NOT a lot of air. I'll have to get used to that again too.

That's it for now. Our stuff is getting delivered tomorrow. We will not have Internet connection until Thursday so this will have to do until then.


Sheri said...

Welcome to Colorado!!!
I miss you in Ohio already. : )

chelsey said...

I'm so glad you've made it there safe and sound. I'm excited for to you to discover new things about your surroundings and to get to decorate your new place. Once your stuff gets delivered, it'll feel more like home.

Mommo said...

So glad you got there safe and sound. We sure do miss you. I am so glad you let the boys come over to play that last day. It has been a true blessing to have you here in OH and call you friend. You will always be a friend to me. Wish I could be there to help you unpack etc. Good luck and enjoy the sun.

Dave and Tana said...

Im glad you made it safe and sound!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

Enjoy the sun, I don't think we have seen it since you left. My girls have been talking about you and your boys all week. Especially Ava. She came out of nursery saying Eli gone, Eli gone. I am glad you made it. Good luck with everything. You can do it - you are amazing.

Michelle said...

Welcome to your new home. Hopefully soon it will feel like home and you can love it like your old home. I'm glad you made it safely. The sun will be a welcoming site and will help you love it. I will miss living close enough to see you when I see my parents. I hope all your stuff gets there soon. By the way, did any of the mail I sent you make it there yet?

Pitcher Family said...

So glad you all survived the drive! Good luck setting up house. Wish I could help!

Frances said...

So glad to hear you are at your house. I was thinking about you guys yesterday and wondering how you were doing. I felt the same thing about the sun when we went to NM. It was like a different sun. I also went out to buy sunglasses immediately. You don't realize how rarely you use them in Ohio.

Team Clark said...

Good luck with this new place - I hope all is going well for you!

Jed and Kera said...

I'm so happy I got to talk with you. I'm happy to hear the sun has found you. We miss you terribly, but I know you will soon enjoy Colorado Springs.