Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Six years

This little boy turned six yesterday. Crazy huh? Will is a miniature Mike in just about every way. He looks and acts just like Mike. Will is a special little boy with an immense amount of love and tenderness. I just love it.

Will is so inquisitive. For his birthday he wanted an Erector set so he could take things apart and put them back together again. The other day he asked if we could make a trip to Pompeii so we could dig people up and find the hidden city. He asks the most crazy questions that I have no idea how to answer. He is doing so well in school, even if he is a little bored sometimes. His teacher sent me a note home saying that Will is showing so much interest in reading that she wanted to send him home a book to borrow every week. Each night he reads a verse from the scriptures with us and he's doing so well reading.

Lately Will has been pretty sensitive about things. I've been in Primary since he was six months and he's seen me every Sunday in the Primary room with him. Last year I was his teacher so when they released me a few weeks ago, it was hard on him. He cried the night before church and asked me to print off a picture of me so he could look at it in case he got sad during Primary. For days he would pray that I would get called back into Primary.

Will is also nervous about first grade next year. He asked if that meant he had to go for an entire day to school and when I said yes, he started crying, "Then I won't be able to be with you and my brothers? I won't be able to do fun things and I won't be able to watch shows or play with my friends?" I had to reassure him that he could still do all those things and that he would love first grade.

I'm so glad Will was born first because he is the best big brother imaginable. He has a way with his brothers that is so wonderful. He has a way of diffusing arguments so easily. He genuinely wants his brothers to be happy and he is always giving up his own desires to allow them their way. For his birthday he asked me to buy three big bouncy balls so all three of them could have a ball. Will does everything I ask him to without complaint (I hope that continues his entire life!).

Will is always trying to be a good example and came home last week so happy that he was "a missionary." He told me that his best friend wanted to kiss a girl and he told him, "That's a bad idea. You shouldn't do that." He was so proud of himself for being a missionary.

Will is growing like a weed. He is so tall and skinny. He wishes he could eat candy and popcorn all day long. He is a super picky eater but he never puts up a fight about eating what we put on his plate. He knows he has to try it and then he can have a sandwich so there is never an argument about it. Sometimes he says at dinner, "Thank you for this dinner even though I don't like it." That cracks me up.

The current joke/sad thing about Will is that he is deaf. He really can't hear at all and it's really sad. We have tried to figure out a permanent solution to the problem but thus far the only solution has been to give him allergy medicine so the drainage will clear. The minute we run out of medicine he's deaf again and it takes awhile to get those darn ears clean again.

Current interests include, playing the Wii, playing the computer, watching "shows", Kung Fu, swings, drawing, reading, writing, the color red, bones, his tool set, Pizza and Ranch on the side, doing word puzzles or puzzles in general.

Will has been such a positive influence on our entire family. His sensitivity to the spirit and his example has made us all try and be better. I so appreciate that he was sent to our family.


Michelle said...

Six already, that sure went fast. I think his ideas for presents sound fascinating.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Michelle, he's such a funny kid. He just wants anything he can take apart. I think he's like Caleb in that aspect.

Lokodi said...

That was a sweet post about a very sweet boy. I just remember when we came to visit how loving he was to me and how quick he was to think I was pretty cool. I sure love all your boys. I think it was love at first site for me. I'm glad he had a great birthday.

P.S. what is your new calling?


The Duke said...

Oh, I love that little (big) boy!

Frances said...

What a great little boy!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Lindsey, I am moving sometime in May so I doubt they will give me a calling for that short of time. They love you too.

chelsey said...

Ahh, he's such a love bug! Happy birthday to Will! Love you buddy!

Lokodi said...

Duh, I totally spaced that you are moving. In that case, I'm surprised they released you so early. Our ward would have waited until after I moved out to release me. Or, they wouldn't be apposed to giving me a calling for only one month. But that's what happens with military wards over seas I suppose. Just forgive my spaciness. :)


Mike and Adrianne said...

Linds, they wouldn't have released me until I moved or until a week before but things have gotten complicated right now and they recognized that I needed a major change. Plus, I had been in Primary a long time and was so burnt out. It was a much, much needed release.

Jason said...

Have you guys considered putting tubes in his ears? They really help keep the pressure/fluid levels down.

I can't believe he is 6 already.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Jason, he's had tubes in his ears and it did in fact help. He had them in last year. Right now they are trying to take care of the drainage by keeping him on allergy meds.