Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mike's finally old

My Michael turned 30 last week. He's been old for a week. I think I saw some grey hair on his head. And, his hair is receding more. (That one is going to get me in trouble. I once teased him when we were dating, "Are you going bald?!" He freaked out, "Don't ever say that again!")

I'm kidding about the receding hair. It looks the same as it always has. Actually, I'm kidding about the grey hair too. He only has one grey hair that's been around the entire time I've known him, compared to my hair, which becomes increasingly more grey by the day.

Anyway, back to his birthday. Mike really is a fantastic man. Last year he chose to forgo presents for himself and asked to buy presents for the boys for his birthday, a fun game he learned from his father, also a fantastic man. This year he decided to take the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese for his birthday dinner.

We were going to Colorado on his birthday so we chose to do most of our celebrating on Saturday. The boys helped me choose gifts (some pj's, a book, and a spatula) and I made him a cake. It's been about six months since I've made a cake and I'm rusty. I made him his favorite carrot cake with his favorite cream cheese frosting.

30 hasn't phased Mike in the least. Is that any surprise? Nothing phases this man.

A letter to the old man:

Dear Mikey,

I'm so glad you decided to marry me. The boys asked why I'm older than you and I explained it was because you are always looking out for me and you must have known I was frightened to come to earth on my own so you chose to hold back a little longer to see me off and make sure I got here safely. It was a nice image, even if it might not be true. The thought though, is accurate. You always put me above yourself and because of that I will follow you around forever.

My roommate once said that she wanted to marry a kind man and that answer seemed so generic to me. Surely there was some other quality much more exciting than kindness. But she was right and I'm happy I found a kind man. Thank you for brushing my hair from my forehead when we were on the plane and I was tired and sick. Thank you for holding my hand all the time and thank you for listening to me (you are a patient, patient man!).

Here's hoping 30 is the best year for you yet.


Your Wifey


The Duke said...

So darn sweet.

Jess and Jen said...

Love it. Awesome. -Jess

Mommo said...

Just wondering....from the cake it looks like 40 is over the hill....??? Certainly that cannot be true.
Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Cindy, that's so funny. I thought it was 40 but wasn't sure and my mother in law thought it was 50. We got online to see if it was 40 or 50 and half the sites said 40 and half said 50. So maybe it's 45?! Either way, you still have a ways.

Mommo said...

Seriously.....I want to protest against the over the hill thing.....I am not too far from 45 and it was probably some 20 yr old that came up with the 40/50 over the hill thing anyway. It is all perspective! Very cute cake and very funny. I hope you know I am just having a fun time with this.

Kaitlin said...

So sweet. You two are perfect.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Katy, perfect for each other or perfect? Because I'm pretty sure we are NOT perfect.

Dave and Tana said...

awesome cake!


Jess and Jason said...

I am so glad Mike has such a good wifey! He needs someone to keep him grounded!