Friday, December 17, 2010

Why is this season always so busy?

This year I am not really feeling the Christmas Spirit. I'm not feeling bah humbug or anything I am just not super excited about the presents or the activities. I feel like I am just skimming the surface of getting all the things done that need to be done so adding all the Christmas stuff on top is just not doing it for me.

We were going to go to Maryland for Christmas but due to some unforeseen changes at Mike's work, we will not be able to go. I am bummed for a few reasons one being that we are moving soon and I want to make sure the boys see their grandparents as much as they can before we move. The second is more selfish. I was looking forward to going out of town because Mike's mom is really good about helping make Christmas a really fun time planning activities that the kids would really enjoy. I was looking forward to letting the boys still enjoy all the fun Christmas stuff without me having to be the sole person in charge.

We have this super cute advent calendar that we have little tags on and each day you read a tag and do the activity on it. This year I got it out and hung it up and we haven't looked at it once--and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it.

There was an enrichment activity last week on Christmas in Nauvoo and the idea was supposed to be simplifying your Christmas (I think). I chose to simplify my Christmas by not adding another meeting to my already busy week.

We have chosen not to send out Christmas cards this year but will probably get around to a Christmas email. We were not planning on doing goodies this year except that our little neighbor girl that sometimes babysits brought the boys presents and now I feel like I ought to make something for her. But we are not making a lot, so if you live in the area and don't get a plate from us, it's not because we don't love you, we just aren't making a lot of goodies.

Will had his Christmas party today and Isaac was very upset that he wasn't having one (we have had some kind of party so far for each holiday) so last minute I called up some of his little preschool buddies and we had a very small party this morning. The kids did a craft, played two games, and ate candy. It was small and short and both Isaac and Eli had a great time.

Anyway, I enjoy this time of year and we still have a few fun traditions we will participate in (gingerbread houses, pizza on Christmas, and our Christ-Centered Christmas dinner) but other than that, I'm hoping for a nice, relaxing week ahead of us.

It's not likely but I'm going to aim for it.


Marcy said...

Maybe you've already told me/us, but what's your Christ-centered Christmas dinner? I'm sorry you can't go to Maryland. I used to think it sounded so romantic to travel for Christmas (I don't think I've ever traveled for Christmas in my life--holy cow).

Isn't this season funny? It's way too packed! I have some relatives that send out Valentine cards instead of Christmas ones. I think I'm going to copy them--or even send out a card in the middle of the summer when it's better for taking family pictures outside anyway!

Our ward had the most low-key Christmas party ever. It was really astounding...and nice and simple. We went, we took soup or salad to share, we ate and mingled, sang some songs as a ward and went home. No elaborate decorations or programs. I've heard about some really over-the-top Christmas parties lately, and I'm glad that no one went to that much trouble in our ward.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry you are feeling the stress of this holiday.

Hopefully this next week will be better and more like you want it to be.

By any chance did our gift arrive for your family?

Have the children liked the advent calendar we had sent? I figured since it had candy they'd like it.

Jed and Kera said...

here here! we totally aren't doing cards or goodies and I felt so badly about it until two days ago. I said "forget it!" and now I'm way more prepared to focus on what is really important!

Saimi said...

Simple is always better! Sometimes it feels like we rush things to much and before we know it Christmas it over. It would be nice to slow things down, keep it simple and enjoy a little more!

Merry Christmas!

The Duke said...

We have definitely simplified the past couple of years. I fight the feeling of sadness that I can't send my kids all the things I'd like to send, but with 23 grandchildren, 9 in-law spouses and 11 kids, it is now way too much for us to even think about. So we decided to do things that we hope will matter for our kids someday. Memories are important to us. We hope they are for the kids. Our gift might not even matter to any of our children until after we die, but we decided it mattered to us and moved forward. We've done a few things so far but not much big is planned.
We will go to the Mormon Tabernacle/David Archuletta Christmas concert tomorrow morning, may go Christmas caroling with the family during the week and might do some simple shopping.
Just give me family members and good food and this season will be happy.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, and Josh said...

The party turned out perfect. It was nice to have it so relaxed. Thanks for putting it together.

Jenn said...

I love reading your blog! I, too, also wonder why this season is so busy. I think it is a great idea to simplify it and remember what it truly is about.