Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Maybe next month will be better

This past month I could have done without. I was hoping that with the change of the month I could shrug off the rottenness. It's only the 3rd and already this month is looking to be similar to the last.


I'm going to hide in my covers. Wake me up when it's over.

Today I decided to take the boys to a place that always makes me happy. I took them to the gardens. It was supposed to rain later in the week so I thought today, even with the cloudy sky, would be the best bet. We were only there a few minutes when it started to pour. The boys were already wet from the waterfall and creek and I didn't mind much seeing how it was hot and sticky. We played at the gardens for two hours and then I had to convince the boys to stop playing so we could go home and eat lunch.

It looked to be a good day. I even got to talk to a good friend I've been missing so all seemed well.

I came home, fed the boys, looked at houses in Colorado to buy online with my mom, did some laundry, and put the boys down for nap time. Then I decided to finish the cakes I was working on for my visiting teachees--2 of the four have birthdays this month and a third has a "baptism birthday." The cakes were not my best creations but cute, nonetheless.

The boys thought they were beautiful.

Just as I was finishing the cakes up Mike came home and blurted out, "I've got good news for me and bad news for you. We aren't moving until April." Then just like that he was gone to take the dog to the vet and I was left in the kitchen shocked, angry, and sad.

When he got home I loaded the car with my cakes and drove 20 minutes to the first lady's home. I forgot however, that our van had no A/C and the chocolate butterflies melted as the minutes ticked by. Almost to her house I noticed the road to her house was closed and I had no idea how to get to her house another way. I drove around trying to find an alternate route but had no luck and after the third dead-end gave up.

By this time all the cakes were a melted mess. I proceeded to drive another ten or fifteen minutes to another lady's house. She and her family were not home. I was not about to leave the gloopy mess of a cake on her front step so I knocked on her neighbor's door and asked him if he would deliver my cake for me, "Just tell them some crazy lady dropped it by." But my comment wasn't really needed because I already looked crazy with my melted cake, wind-blown hair, and chocolate smears all over my shirt.

The final delivery was made and I sheepishly handed off some unidentifiable butterfly cupcakes and returned home.

My attempt at serving blew-up in my face and my excitement at moving in a few months has walked out the door.

So, today was just the icing on the cake, I guess you could say.


Jess and Jen said...

What cute cakes...sorry they melted! Why are you guys not moving until April? And why is that good news for Mike? I hope tomorrow is a better day for you! -Jen

Mommo said...

I am so sorry about your gloppy cakes. They really were beautiful and regardless of the final look of the melted butterflies it is the love that was given that counts most. You truly love your ladies. What a sweetie!
As for not moving till April...would it be rude of me to jump up and down with a big smile on my face? I mean, there have to be some ups to living here right? :)

Lilola said...

Ya see, since some of us wanted you to stay, it seems like a good month to us. Sorry about the way it looks from your side, but we like the news.
Mike needs to work on his delivery. Just sayin'! :)

Saimi said...

I want you for my visiting teacher! Your cakes are amazing, melted and all. What a special girl you are!

Hope everything works out for you!
Hugs :)

Lokodi said...

wow, so the airforce does stuff like that too huh? I knew the army was really good at dashing plans/dreams, but I didn't realize the airforce was like that too. We in the army have learned not to get our hopes up or to even plan on anything happening when it's supposed to because it just never does in the end. Sorry you have to wait. I know you guys were excited to go to Utah for christmas right?

The cakes look wonderful. It sounds like you really had a bad day. I'm sorry Adrianne. I'm sure the women really appricated the effort and I'm sure they still tasted good. Have a better day tomorrow!


Katrina said...

Aww. your poor beautiful butterfly cake!! That is so funny though- seriously! Don't you get so annoyed when roads are closed?

Jenny said...

Is it bad that I am really really excited that you are not moving til April? I am so sorry about your beautiful cakes, i know how hard you worked on them, but they still looked so cute even a little melted :-) I hope you have a better week and I think you are such a sweet girl and I am so lucky to have you as a friend.

Pitcher Family said...

They are beautiful!! The ladies you took them to will know they were lovely to start with and appreciate your love for them!

Jed and Kera said...

I feel like all I need to say is ditto to Cindy's comment. Adrianne I am really happy you are going to be here for 4 months longer, but I am sad that it's not what you want. We love you guys and those cakes were so pretty!

The Duke said...

April?!? Really?!? Does that mean you won't be able to come home for Christmas? I hope it doesn't mean that. This is the first time in years and years that I've actually been looking forward to Christmas with all the little kids that will be running around. I will be so sad if you can't make it out until then. So Mike won't start teaching in January, I'm assuming... Give us what details you have.
The cakes were beautiful. I'm sure sorry they melted but the thought and effort was there.

Stefanie Wilcox said...

Yeah for us and bummer for you getting your orders pushed back 4 months. Maybe there'll be some good come from it...who knows. I'm excited you'll be here a bit longer.
I loved the pictures of your cakes! They were beautiful! What a talent you have!!!

Katie said...

If someone delivered those melted cakes to me, I'd just be in awe of the effort put into making them and feel really special that someone cared enough to spend that amount of time! You are really talented.

Lilola is right. Tell Mike you need a do-over on that announcement, and this time it better include an exciting gift to soften the blow. ;)

Mike and Adrianne said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. It's nice to know that people still want us here.

Lisa said...

I've made those butterflies before, they're out of the hello cupcake book, huh? They are TRICKY and so fragile! I am sure the recipients were totally impressed none the less, but I'm sure it was discouraging to have all your hard work melt like that.