Friday, August 06, 2010

Down on the farm

For Isaac's birthday we had planned to go swimming and then to McDonald's for dinner. But since Isaac lost his birthday privileges we decided to do something else. Mike's adviser had offered to take us horseback riding a year ago and Mike has never taken him up on the offer. Finally, when we realized Isaac wasn't going to go swimming and when we saw that the weather wasn't conducive for swimming anyways, we decided to go horseback riding. We showed up at the farm and Mike's advisor and his wife took us around and showed us all the animals. First we got to see the alpaca. They were super cute but very jittery.

Next we got to meet the horses. The boys got to pet the horses and then brushed the horse that they were going to ride. Isaac wanted to ride a pony because the horses were so huge to him and it really scared him. So he chose not to ride at all.

Will loved riding the horse. He got to take two rides and loved every minute of it.

Eli, well, his face shows how he felt. Eli loves horses. Some boys love trucks. Some boys love balls. Eli loves horses. He has little horse toys all over the house. He loved being on the horse and when he had to get off he cried and cried.

This was Mike's first experience on a horse. He was a natural. Now I just need to buy him some appropriate cowboy wear.

Mike's advisor also owns chickens. The boys got to pick lettuce from the garden and feed the chickens. That was pretty cool to them.

Then, much to Mike's pleasure, he discovered that the wife of his advisor, spinned her own yarn from her alpacas. She let Mike have a go at spinning.

And finally, the boys got a ride on the tractor. But wait, who was the driver? Me! I'm awesome on a tractor.

Uh, you sure you want me to drive this baby?

This picture is so blurry because I was driving so fast it was hard to get a good shot....

Three hours later we packed into our car and waved goodbye. We all had such a great time.


Jess and Jen said...

Looks like an ideal day for me. Wish I was there to participate! -Jess

Saimi said...

By the looks of it, a day at the farm trumps swimming anyway!

You little tractor driven mama!! And that horse loving boy of yours is a man after my own heart! He can come see our horses any day!

Jess and Jen said...

I think that sounds like much more fun than girls would love a day like that!

Dave and Tana said...

Mike and Eli on the horse: Best picture I have ever seen! Eli's face is so awesome!!!!!


Michelle said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun. I love horseback riding, it's the best. Glad you all had that opportunity. Great pictures by the way.

Cali said...

Wow--so fun! I'm so glad that it was such a fun experience for you all. I love that you drove the tractor!

And, how on earth do you spin yarn? I'm in awe and so impressed with this woman.

Jess and Jason said...

I love that picture of you driving the tractor. That looks like so much fun...the whole time, not just the tractoring.